Scarlet Nexus - Kagero Donne Companion Guide

Companion guide for Kagero Donne in Scarlet Nexus. Inclued are an overview of Kagero, how to unlock, companion stats, skills, Struggle Arms System (SAS) abilities, companion usage guide, best allies, equipment, weapons, visuals, and role in the main story.

Scarlet Nexus - Kagero Donne Character Companion Guide

Kagero Donne in Scarlet Nexus


Scarlet Nexus - Kagero Donne Character Companion Overview Name: Kagero Donne
Gender: Male
Hometown: Suoh (Immigrant)
Affiliation: OSF
OSF Service Record: 12 Years
Weapon: Battle Knife
Power: Invisibility
Voice Actor: Daisuke Namikawa (JP)

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How to Unlock Kagero Donne

Chapter Unlocked ?

Kagero Donne Base Stats and Information

Base Level ?
HP 713
Power 50
Attack 54
Defense 28
Psycho-Kinetic Ability Invisibility
Weapon Specialization Battle Knife

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Yuito-Kagero SAS Abilities

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Kasane-Kagero SAS Abilities

Ability Level Requirement Ability Effect
Invisibility and Back Stab Level 1 Bond Level 1 Enemies won’t detect you and certain attacks will be critical hits during SAS. Hold △/y to charge and release to do a Backstab for big crush damage. Effect nullified if you attack or take damage.
Increase SAS Recovery Speed and Guardian Vision Level 2 Bond Level 2 Increases the recovery speed of the SAS invisibility gauge.
When you are attacked, there is a chance for a Vision of Kagero to appear and block the attack, negating damage.
Sustained Invisibility and Combo Vision Level 3 Bond Level 3 Increases recovery speed of SAS electrokinesis gauge
Using L1/LB + ◌/b, x/a, △/y, □/x enables a Combo Vision in which Kagero charges down foes.
Assault Vision Level 4 Bond Level 4 Attack an unguarded enemy and Kagero will call out. Answer him with △/y + ◌/b and he will appear as a Vision and perform a special attack.
Prolong SAS Effect Level 5 Bond Level 5 SAS invisibility effect time increases.
Sustained Invisibility and Critical Invisibility Level 6 Bond Level 6 The amount of time you can remain invisible after hitting with an attack increases.
When Kagero is in the party, there is a chance for SAS invisibility to automatically activate when your health goes below 30%.

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Kagero Donne Companion Guide

Scarlet Nexus - Kagero Donne Companion Guide

How to Use

If you use his skill “Transparency”, the enemy will no longer detect your presence. You can also aim for their weak points and if you hit an attack in an unnoticed state, you will get a “critical hit” that increases both damage and crash damage.

By long pressing the △ button, you can use his skill “Backstab”, that can deal great crash damage. After using the backstab, use L2 button “Brain Crash” to stab.

Recommended Allies

Name Details

Bond Episodes

Scarlet Nexus - Kagero Donne Bond Episodes and Guide

Kagero Donne Bond Episodes and Guide

Kagero Donne Equipment and Visuals

Scarlet Nexus - Kagero Donne Weapon Equipment Information


Name Attack Power Description
Invisible Dancer V1 27 This charming, curved battle knife was developed invisibility psionics. Its name comes from the crystalline blade that disappears and reappears in a glimmering dance.
How to Get Default starting weapon.
Invisible Dancer v1 + 30 This knife is an improvement upon the v1 model. The handle’s inner side is smoothed for a quicker unsheathing. The fastener bolt is not smooth, preventing it form slipping out of the wielder’s hand and makes it more comfortable.
How to Get Default starting weapon (for Kasane Route – Phase 2).


Name Description
Blk Battle Attire: Yo Fashionable OSF members mix and match Black Battle Attire from several different companies. Kagero’s version of the Yo model has a custom-ordered vest. His cape is handmade and is one of a kind.
How to Get Default
Name Description
Sp. Battle Attire: Audio Shadow The Audio Bolt model features a sound motif. It is loud enough for a rockstar to wear and strong enough to be battle attire. The materials are fit for psionics and won’t quickly degrade.
How to Get Pre-order exclusive reward for Digital Standard Edition.
Name Description
Red Battle Attire: Beauty Kagero wears the Beauty model, which seems gaudy compared to other battle attire. The vivid red stands out in a dense crowd. It takes skill to pull off wearing something like this.
How to Get Pre-order exclusive reward for Digital Deluxe Edition.
Name Description
White Battle Attire: Solemn The Solemn White model has a long cape that hides the body and intentions quietly and with dignity. This outfit is also very maneuverable in combat. It uses popular high-quality fabrics worn by particular people.
How to Get

Kagero Donne Profile

Scarlet Nexus - Kagero Donne Character Profile Biography Information

Kagero Official Biography

“An adult recruit of the OSF, who was scouted much later than usual, Kagero is a sociable, somewhat frivolous young man. With his handsome appearance and silver tongue, he can befriend anyone and get himself out of any situation. He never accepts defeat even in the direst times, and he always jokes around to reassure his teammates. He is an immigrant from Togetsu, a priest of their faith. However, he does not appear interested in their teachings anymore. His past is the only aspect of his life that he is secretive about.”

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