Scarlet Nexus - Which Character Should You Pick First?

A guide on which character to pick first (Yuito or Kasane) in Scarlet Nexus. Included are the two main playable character's initial stats, skills, gameplay, strengths, weaknesses, and recommendations on who to choose when starting a new game.

Scarlet Nexus - Which Character to Choose First

Which Character Should You Pick First?

When starting a new game in Scarlet Nexus, you must choose to play as either Yuito Sumeragi orKasane Randall, two of the game’s main protagonists who have different storylines, stats, skills, and playstyles. This guide will help you pick the character that best suits your preferred playstyle by breaking down their unique characteristics and features.

Yuito Sumeragi

Scarlet Nexus - Yuito

Initial Stats

Lv 1
HP 750
Power 50
Attack 57
Defense 31

Yuito has mostly higher initial stats (HP, Attack, and Defense) compared to Kasane, though this is to compensate for his shorter reach and lower psychokinesis power.

Yuito Character Guide

Initial Skills

Name Type Description
Rebound Expand Use B to recover when knocked away and prevent being knocked down.
Attack Up 1 Enhance Attack +5%. Increases damage for weapon attacks.
Additional Plug-in Equip Slot 1 Support Increases plug-in capacity at the equip screen by one.
Brain Drive Gauge Charge Rate Up
Brain Drive Brain Drive Gauge Accumulation +20%. Specific actions such as defeating enemies or receiving damage will increase the accumulation rate, allowing the brain drive gauge to charge faster.

Yuito has earlier access to Rebound which allows him to avoid being knocked down and works well with his melee-focused playstyle. Attack Up 1 gives him increased damage with equipped weapons, unlike Kasane who has Power Up 1 that boosts her psychokinetic attacks. Yuito also has Additional Plug-in Equip Slot 1 that lets him benefit from more plug-in combinations compared to Kasane.


Scarlet Nexus - Yuito Gameplay

Yuito is a close-range specialist who uses a combination of swift sword attacks and psychokinesis in battle. This allows him to quickly deal a significant amount of damage but is mostly geared for taking on one target at a time. Yuito’s preference for melee combat also puts him at a greater risk of getting hit unless you take the time you master perfect dodging attacks.

Yuito’s playstyle can be described as very similar to the warrior- or fighter-type class in most RPGS. His focus on fighting up close means that dodging incoming attacks is emphasized, especially against bosses, though his higher HP compared to Kasane also lets him tank more blows.  Stocking up on healing items is recommended when playing as Yuito, especially when you are still learning enemy behavior in battle.

Kasane Randall

Scarlet Nexus - Kasane

Initial Stats

Lv 1
HP 690
Power 71
Attack 55
Defense 25

Despite having mostly lower initial stats (HP, Attack, and Defense) compared to Yuito, Kasane has significantly higher Power which gives her the clear edge when using psychokinetic abilities. Kasane’s focus on ranged combat also puts her at less risk of getting hit, compensating for her lower initial HP and Defenses.

Kasane Character Guide

Initial Skills

Name Type Description
Double Jump Expand Can perform an additional jump by pressing A in mid-air.
Power Up 1 Enhance Attack +5%. Increase damage for psychokinesis attacks.
Latent Power Support When health is 30% or below, increases damage dealt by 20% and reduces damage received by 20%.
Brain Drive Gauge Charge Rate Up Brain Drive Brain Drive Gauge Accumulation +20%. Specific actions such as defeating enemies or receiving damage will increase the accumulation rate, allowing the brain drive gauge to charge faster.

Kasane has access to Double Jump much earlier than Yuito, giving her better mobility and air combo potential at the start of the game. She also learns Power Up 1 first which increases the power of her psychokinetic attacks, in contrast to Yuito who learns Attack Up 1 first that improves the damage he deals with weapon attacks.


Scarlet Nexus - Kasane

Kasane has longer attack reach and excels in air combat using her throwing knives. She has greater reliance on psychokinesis with attacks that have area-of-effect (AoE) properties that can damage multiple enemies with ease. Kasane also boasts generally better mobility compared to Yuito at the start of the game.

Kasane’s playstyle is more akin to a mage-type class in most RPGs. She can strike groups of enemies from a longer distance with psychokinetic and regular attacks. Dodging is still essential when playing as Kasane because of her lower HP compared to Yuito, though the reach of her throwing knives makes it somewhat easier to position yourself with a bit of distance away and better react to enemy attacks.

Best Character to Choose

In general, both Yuito and Kasane have very fun playstyles so it mostly comes down to your preference on whether to choose on or the other. If you prefer fighting enemies up close with a sword, choose Yuito. If peppering enemies with ranged attacks is more your style, pick Kasane. Each character’s unique gameplay offer very different experiences in battle so simply select the one that you are more comfortable with.

Both Yuito and Kasane will appeal to beginner and intermediate players because of their unique features. First-time players will like Yuito’s relatively straightforward combat mechanics and combos. They may, however, struggle with learning how to evade attacks early on when fighting up close which may not hinder more advanced players who are keen to observe enemy tells and react to them accordingly.

Beginners may also find Kasane’s longer reach and ability to damage multiple enemies appealing as it will allow them create some space and retreat more easily to use healing items. Meanwhile, her ability to more fluidly string together long air combos using her innate psychokinesis and borrowed SAS abilities may satisfy intermediate players who constantly look for creative and stylish ways to take out opponents.

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