Scarlet Nexus - Kodama Melone Character Profile

Character profile for Kodama Melone in Scarlet Nexus. Included are an overview of Kodama, chapter encountered, character type, abilities, and role in the main story.

Scarlet Nexus - Kodama Melone Character Guide

Kodama Melone


Scarlet Nexus - Kodama Melone Character Companion Overview Name: Kodama Melone
Gender: Female
Hometown: ???
Affiliation: OSF
OSF Service Record: 21 years
Weapon: ???
Power: Sonokinesis
Voice Actor: Aoi Yuki (JP)

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Chapter Encountered: Kodama Melone

Chapter Encountered ?
Type Support Character (NPC)

Kodama Melone Base Stats

Base Level ?
HP ?
Power ?
Attack ?
Defense ?

Kodama Melone Abilities

Ability Name Ability Effect
? ?

Kodama Melone Profile

Scarlet Nexus - Kodama Melone Character Profile Biography Information

Kodama Official Biography

“One of the team leaders of the OSF. An energetic, eccentric character who likes to show off. Although her words and actions are devilish and extreme, she is also the assistant to Fubuki, the commander of the 1st Regiment. She often acts on her own terms, but she does her duties without hesitation and with a light-hearted sense of fun when ordered by her superiors. She used to be Shiden’s former senior officer. However, it seems that Shiden and her did not get along.”

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