Scarlet Nexus - Stats Guide

Overview and guide about character stats in Scarlet Nexus. This covers character, companion, and enemy stats in the game.

Scarlet Nexus - Stats Guide

All Stats in Scarlet Nexus

Scarlet Nexus - Stats Guide

Here is a breakdown of character stats in Scarlet Nexus. They refer to values that define the strengths and capabilities of the main characters and the companions.  Stats are grouped by type.

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Character Stats

Scarlet Nexus - Main Character Stats Guide

Stat Stat Description
Psychokinesis Gauge Refers to the purple Psionic Bar indicated above the character’s red HP bar. It displays the available Telekinesis power the main character can use. It will recover over time but using weapon attacks can fast track the recovery of the gauge a little bit.
HP Bar Refers to the red HP Bar on the bottom of the screen. This indicates how much health the character has left. The companion’s HP is also displayed as a red bar on their side of the main character’s HP and Psionic Bar.
Brain Points (BP) Refers to points gained when you level your character. BPs are used to learn various active or passive skills in the Brain Map Skill Tree.
Exp Refers to experienced earned when fighting and defeating enemies. The experience earned is given upon defeat of enemies. You can also check the overall experience earned through the Party menu.
Exp Bonus Refers to the additional experience points earned by defeating enemies using special actions. These include Brain Crushes, Psychokinesis, Follow-Up Attacks, and Perfect Dodges.
Brain Drive Gauge Refers to a gauge the fills up by performing actions. They include defeating enemies and receiving damage. When it is full, it will activate automatically and temporarily gain focus, buffs, increased attack, movement, and psychokinesis speed. The Brain Drive gauge is also a purple meter right of the HP Bar and Psychokinesis Gauge.

Companion or Allies Stats

Scarlet Nexus - Allies and Companion Stats Guide

Stat Stat Description
HP Bar Similar to the main character’s HP Bar. This indicates how much health the companion or an ally has left.
SAS Gauge Refers to the Struggle Arms System which is a brain-to-brain connection that allows the main characters to temporarily use or access their ally or companion’s unique Psycho-Kinetic ability. The SAS menu is found on the lower right of the screen during battle.

When it is used, virtual connections will appear behind the main character. If you use the ability of an active party member, there will be a bonus in terms of duration and SAS recovery speed.

Bond Level Refers to the connection between the main character and the companion. When they are in the hideout, the player can check their team bond level and initiate Bond Episodes approaching each companion. The bond level will increase after an episode. Continue fighting with your companions and give gifts (after standby phase 2) to further increase your bond level.

When a bond level is increased, new SAS effects will be unlocked and companions will perform support actions while in combat. They include more chances of healing and reviving incapacitated allies.

Enemy Stats

Scarlet Nexus - Enemy Stats Guide

Stat Stat Description
Health Gauge Refers to the red HP bar directly below enemy level and type.
Crush Gauge Refers to the yellow bar located below an enemy’s HP bar. Clear this meter to initiate a Brain Crush, indicated by an icon. Brain Crush helps the player to focus on the enemy’s weak point and defeats it in on one hit.

Follow-up attacks and follow-up psychokinesis can greatly reduce the Crush Gauge. It can recover over time so continue dealing attacks.

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