Scarlet Nexus - Shiden Ritter Companion Guide

Companion guide for Shiden Ritter in Scarlet Nexus. Included are an overview of Shiden, how to unlock, companion stats, skills, Struggle Arms System (SAS) abilities, companion usage guide, best allies, equipment, weapons, visuals, and role in the main story.

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Shiden Ritter in Scarlet Nexus


Scarlet Nexus - Shiden Ritter Character Companion Overview Name: Shiden Ritter
Gender: Male
Hometown: Suoh (Immigrant)
Affiliation: OSF
OSF Service Record: 14 Years
Weapon: Batons
Power: Electrokinesis
Voice Actor: Kengo Kawanishi (JP)

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How to Unlock Shiden Ritter

Chapter Unlocked ?

Shiden Ritter Base Stats and Information

Base Level ?
HP 713
Power 57
Attack 54
Defense 24
Psycho-Kinetic Ability Electrokinesis
Weapon Specialization Batons

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Yuito-Shiden SAS Abilities

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Kasane-Shiden SAS Abilities

Ability Level Requirement Ability Effect
Anti-Air Electrokinesis and Weapon Combo Level 1 Bond Level 1 While SAS is active, weapons and psychokinesis objects are covered in electricity and deal increased damage, and the shock effect is added. Weapon combos create sparks that make it easier to damage airborne enemies.
Electrification Circle and Guardian Vision Level 2 Bond Level 2 With SAS active use, △/y while on the ground for an Elec. Circle to retreat from enemies and deal high damage.
If attacked, there is a chance Shiden blocks it.
Increase SAS Recovery Speed and Combo V Level 3 Bond Level 3 Increases recovery speed of SAS electrokinesis gauge.
Using L1/LB + ◌/b, x/a, △/y, □/x enables a Combo Vision in which Shiden attacks his surroundings, including the sky.
Assault Vision Level 4 Bond Level 4 Attack an unguarded enemy and Shiden will call out. Answer him with △/y + ◌/b and he will appear as a Vision and perform a special attack.
Prolong SAS Effect and Shock Negation Level 5 Bond Level 5 The time of the SAS electrokinesis effect is prolonged.
Also, you recover from the Shocked status and damage is negated during the effect.
Electric Flux Discharge and Enhance Shock Level 6 Bond Level 6 During SAS, unleash an Electric Flux Discharge on the 3rd Aerial Weapon Combo Attack and hold enemies in mid-air for a long period.
Damage increases even further with a weapon combo.

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Shiden Ritter Companion Guide

Scarlet Nexus - Shiden Ritter Companion Guide

How to Use

His ability is Electrokinesis, it makes his weapon and attacks deal electric damage to the enemies and causing them to be electrocuted. This ability is most effective if enemies are in Soaked status. The weapon combo will also spark and deal damage to enemies in the air.

Recommended Allies

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Bond Episodes

Scarlet Nexus - Shiden Ritter Bond Episodes and Guide

Shiden Ritter Bond Episodes and Guide

Shiden Ritter Equipment and Visuals


Name Attack Power Description
Invisible Dancer V1 27 Formerly used in the NDF with high appraisal, this 3-tiered foldable watch baton is developed and improved for psionics. It is also customized specifically for electrokinesis psionics.
How to Get


Name Description
Blk Battle Attire: Gen OSF Battle Attire is made from furlable, high-quality material to withstand the toughest fights. The Gen model is made from red and black materials insulated with rubber.
How to Get Default
Name Description
Sp. Battle Attire: Audio Bolt The Audio Bolt model features a sound motif. While back on red is a popular color scheme for the OSF, the unique circle designs of Sound and Lightning create a heightened sense of quality.
How to Get Pre-order exclusive reward for Digital Standard Edition.
Name Description
Red Battle Attire: Curve The National Defense Forces members wear the same armor. The OSF can customize and personalize what they wear. The Straight and arched lines in the Curve model makes it a trendy clothing choice.
How to Get Pre-order exclusive reward for Digital Deluxe Edition.
Name Description
White Battle Attire: Simple In the current OSF, white is the color of highly capable members. It was initially worn during challenging missions. The color scheme represents the bravery of members prepared to sacrifice their lives.
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Shiden Ritter Profile

Scarlet Nexus - Shiden Ritter Profile

Shiden Official Biography

“Shiden’s transfer to this new platoon, where he teamed up with Kasane, was caused by his sharp tongue and attitude. This complicated relationship with his old commander. His sense of pride and his high strict nature can make him a troublesome teammate to have – that is until you prove your strength to him. On the other hand, he does not shy away from complimenting people with strong powers such as the Septentrion.”

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