The DioField Chronicle - How to Get Electrum and Orichalcum

A guide on how to get Electrum (gold bars) and Orichalcum (crystal bars) in The DioField Chronicle, including how to use the material for Weapon Development (The Institute), where to find them, and tips for farming.

The DioField Chronicle - How to Get Electrum and Orichalcum

How to Get Electrum and Orichalcum in The DioField Chronicle

What are Electrum and Orichalcum?

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Electrum and Orichalcum are rare materials in The DioField Chronicle used to develop new weapons at The Institute (base). Upon successfully researching a new type of weapon, they will be added to the Shop’s stock and become available for purchase.

In the game, Electrum appear as gold bars and are required for researching armaments up to Weapon Development Rank 4 . The much rarer Orichalcum, meanwhile, look like crystal bars and are used for researching the strongest armaments in the game at Weapon Development Rank 5.

Best Weapons for Each Class

The DioField Chronicle - Weapon Development

Weapon development is unlocked in Chapter 2 of the game’s main story campaign. Afterwards, visit The Institute on the first floor of the base to begin a tutorial on weapon development. You can unlock new weapons for research by leveling up your Weapon Development Rank sub tree from the Mercenary Unit Rank.

Weapon Development Rank List

Where to Get Electrum and Orichalcum


Electrum are usually rewarded for meeting clear-time related bonus objectives on various missions. Because of this, try running missions with your most powerful units to defeat enemies as fast as possible.


Orichalcum are rarer variants of the material required for weapon development. From Chapter 5 onward, Orichalcum will start appearing as bonus objective rewards instead of Electrum.

Tips for Farming

Lower the game difficulty.

It is highly recommended to lower the game difficulty to Casual if you intend to attempt any time-related bonus objectives. A x0.7 damage multiplier will be applied to enemies on the lowest difficulty setting, allowing you to easily take them out with little tactical effort to meet the time required for bonus rewards.

Game Difficulty Guide

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