Demon's Souls Remake - All Primeval Demon Locations

A guide on where to find all Primeval Demon optional bosses in Demon's Souls Remake. Included are basic information on Primeval Demons, drops, appearance conditions, and locations in the game.

Demon's Souls Remake - All Primeval Demon Locations

All Primeval Demon Locations

Primeval Demons are optional bosses that drop Colorless Demon’s Soul. These items can be consumed to obtain a large amount of souls or traded with certain NPCs to obtain unique rewards.


Primeval Demons appear in various locations but only when pure black world tendency has been achieved or is approaching that state.

Area Location World Tendency
Boletarian Palace 1-3 From the location of the Official’s Cap (near the archstone), go further ahead and on to the stairs on the right. Go past the two soldiers to find the Primeval Demon. -3
Stonefang Tunnel 2-1 Head on to the path under the falling boulders (coming from the archstone). Look for the rank and head out into the balcony. Use the lift to go down to find the Primeval Demon. -3
Tower of Latria 3-2 Head to one of the boardwalks guarded by Giant Man Centipede going to a dead end of the cliff (swamp area). -3
Shrine of Storms 4-2 Kill the first Reaper in the area and go down. Head left to the Reaper’s room and look to the left side to find an opened passage.

Proceed ahead to find an opening that you can destroy. Defeat the black skeleton and go left and upwards. Pass the Crystal Lizard leading to the location of the White Bow to find the Primeval Demon.

Valley of Defilement 5-2 From the Filty Woman’s location, go left heading to the swamp. Go up the slope and past the slug next. Keep walking past the mosquitoes to find the Primeval Demon.  -3

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