Demon's Souls Remake - Fool’s Idol Archstone 3-2 Wakthrough

A complete walkthrough of Fool's Idol Archstone 3-2 for Demon's Souls Remake. Included are an overview of the area, NPCs, treasure chest locatios, obtainable items, enemies, bosses, and world tendency events

Demon's Souls Remake - Fool's Idol Archstone 3-2 Walkthrough

Fool’s Idol Archstone


NPCs Yurt the Silent Chief
Enemies Gargoyle, Man Centipede, Giant Man Centipede, Mind Flayer, Prisoner
Bosses Maneater

World Tendency Events

White World Tendency

Location Details
Top of the tower where the first chain is released. Prison of Hope 2F (West) Cell Key can be obtained to free Lord Rydell. Requires Pure White World Tendency.

Black World Tendency

Location Details
Dead end along the boardwalk near the location of Ring of Disease Protection. Primeval Demon appears.


Part 1

1 Move forward along the path. When you reach the pedestal with a flame at the middle, take the long path going left to get Renowned Hero’s Soul.
2 Backtrack to the intersection with the pedestal and move along the path that descends.
3 Take out the gargoyle that appears and continue forward again going to an archway through a large wall. Kill another gargoyle on the way and move to the archway in the wall.
4 When you come to the railing with a path splitting to the left and right, take the right path. Follow it to find Old Spice by taking the branch going right and destroying some pots.
5 Afterwards, proceed on the section where the path branches when it begins going to the right to get Shard of Moonlightstone.
6 Walk back to the archway you went through and turn right to get Renowned Hero’s Soul before taking the stairs just ahead.
7 Go down the stairs and kill another gargoyle that appears.
8 When you reach the intersection, move to the path just straight ahead to some breakable pots with items. Take the left path back at the intersection and take out the gargoyle. Loot the ledge for items.
9 Backtrack all the way to the first intersection take the left path. Climb the stairs to reach another forked path.
10 Head back a little ways up the top of the stairs. Turn right and approach the side of the tower’s edge and drop down to the platform to get Rune Sword and Rune Shield.
11 Afterwards, drop down to the lower path again and make your way to the top of the tower again to the previous intersection.
12 Take the left path this time and defeat the gargoyles as you advance.

Part 2

1 Climb up the stairs after killing the gargoyles to arrive at some wide platforms marked by the torch in the middle.
2 Move to the short path branching to the right and cross to the large pillar. Get Flamberge by walking along the edge.
3 Walk back to the wide platform and move toward the toward ahead. Kill the gargoyle along the way and another one as you near the fog door in the tower.
4 Enter the fog door and carefully move along the path on the right to get Old Spice. Head back to the main path and toward the arch.
5 Afterwards, go right and follow the path going up the stairs. Get ready to be ambushed by a gargoyle as you come to a landing halfway on the way up. Take out the gargoyle and continue climbing up to the top of the tower.
6 Wait for the elevator to arrive and use it to move just ahead to the opposite platform. Get Stone of Ephemeral Eyes there and wait for the elevator again to ride it to the upper level.
7 After getting off the elevator, kill the gargoyle along the walkway and follow the path going up.
8 When you reach the open section, turn left and kill the dreglings for a cutscene.
9 With white world tendency, you can keep climbing the stairs to get a key to free Lord Rydell in Latria Tower. You will get Dull Rat’s Ring from him as a reward.
10 Otherwise, take the stairs to the side of where you killed the dreglings and go down.
11 In the next area, get Fresh Spice from the corpse on the left. Afterwards, go down the stairs on the right and move along toward the ledge and drop down to the bridge.
12 Move forward to arrive at another platform and get Shard of Archstone from the corpse on the left.

Part 3

1 Go toward the cage on the right and talk to Yurt the Silent Chief. Free him and decide whether to kill him now or when he reaches the Nexus (he will kill NPCs if you let him live long enough). Loot his corpse to obtain his Gloom Armor Set.
2 After Yurt leaves (or is dead) step into his cage to reach the area of the other cage in the platform you passed by earlier. You can use it to reach the swamp.
3 From the swamp’s starting point, move around the tower and turn left. Take out the enemies there and loot the area for items and any corpses of enemies you find, including Mercurystone materials and Fragrant Ring.
4 Backtrack to cage you used to reach the swamp and go up the stairs further on the right. Kill the bugs along the way and go up another set of stairs to find a big tree.
5 Take the path on the right of the tree to get Stone of Ephemeral Eyes. On the left path is Renowned Soldier’s Soul.
6 Move past the area toward the planking leading left and take out the enemies along the way.
7 Continue moving along the planking toward some branching as you move further in the path. Get Ring of Disease Resistance from the big tree nearby.
8 Follow the planking that leads to a large tree trunk and make your way to the left by moving along the side. Past that, move toward the planking stretching left going upward with a cage next to it.
9 When you see the large tentacle on your left, follow it toward the fog door while killing the insects that appear.
10 Before going in the fog door, get Renowned Soldier’s Souls and Dark Moon Grass on your left.
11 Enter the fog door and take the left path from the fork.
12 Proceed ahead to some stairs and climb up. Move further ahead on the path going up and defeat the cloaked enemy along the stairs.

Part 4

1 Resume ascending the stairs to arrive at the top. Move from the left side of the pillar to the right and kill the bugs there.
2 Move toward the large tentacles ahead and take out more bugs along the way.
3 A little ways forward is a Crystal Lizard that will jump to its death on the ledge. Get Fresh Spice and Old Spice to the right of the tentacles first.
4 Afterwards, head back down the stairs and a little further back along the path to find Chunk of Moonlightstone and Pure Moonlightstone from the dead lizard.
5 Head back up the stairs toward the tentacles again and move along the ledge ahead. Move toward the opening through the wall that leads to the right and take out the gargoyle inside.
6 Move further on the path and kill two more gargoyles on guard.
7 Continue forward until the path runs around a tower.
8 Get Storied Soldier’s Soul by going left to find a corpse behind some pots. Backtrack to the previous area and move to the path on the right. Follow it to reach another elevator.
9 Get off the elevator and defeat the gargoyle by the stairs. Move up to the top of the stairs and kill the worshippers there for a cutscene.
10 Move along the walkway taking you back to the area’s starting point. Get the item from the corpse just at the edge of the path and drop down to the platform with a torch in the middle.
11 From here, you can choose to head back to the archstone to level-up at the Nexus. Otherwise, your next route is the large tower which you can reach by going through the round platforms again.
12 From the starting point of the area again, go down the stairs on your right to the corridors.
13 Kill the insects here while moving towards the newly-opened path (blocked by a mysterious substance before). Get Ring of Avarice, Gold Mask, Epee Rapier, Storied Soldier’s Souls, and some spice there.

Part 5

1 Backtrack to the intersection and make your way up again to another newly-opened path that takes you further up the tower.
2 Going up the new set of stairs ahead leads up to an even higher area where the boss waits. Just before the stairs, go left to get Renowned Hero’s Soul.
3 Go up the stairs by staying on the left side to avoid falling off on the right.
4 Carefully ascend the stairs and kill the mage enemy carrying a torch who will start shooting projectiles at you.
5 When you reach the top, walk a little ways back and proceed left along the wall to get Storied Soldier’s Soul.
6 Approach the fog door to your right but do not go in yet. Head to the right of the door to get Old Spice at the far end.
7 Afterwards, go through the fog door and battle the Maneaters.



Note that there are actually two Maneater bosses to defeat, the second appearing past a minute in the boss area to make the fight more difficult. Killing off the first one or getting it to very low health before the second appears gives you better chances of winning the battle.

Using the brazier in the center of the boss area can give you some cover against the boss’ melee attacks as well as their Soul Ray when they go in the air. This is a viable strategy to defeat the bosses, though it is somewhat time consuming and is likely to force you to fight two Maneaters at the same time.

Maneater Boss Guide

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