Demon's Souls Remake - Spells List


List of spells in Demon's Souls Remake. Included are magic spells arranged in alphabetical order, mp cost, slot cost, duration, effect, and locations.

Demon's Souls Remake - Spells List


Magic spells are attack oriented spells that cause damage or inflict status conditions.

Spell MP Slot Duration Effect How to obtain
Acid Cloud 30 1 4-6 sec Corrodes equipped armor and weapons. Sage Freke (trade Eroded Demon’s Soul)
Cloak 10 1 30 Useful when sneaking up behind an enemy or making a quiet escape Sage Freke (500 souls)
Cursed Weapon 100 3 60 Boosts Weapon Damage by 50% and gradually lowers HP Yuria, the Witch (trade Silver Demon’s Soul)
Death Cloud 30 2 10 min. Cloud of Plague Sage Freke (Pureblood Demon’s Soul)
Demon’s Prank 4 1 Instant Loud sound in a far-off place Sage Freke (500 souls)
Enchant Weapon 20 1 60 Powers up right-hand weapon Sage Freke (5000 souls)
Fireball 20 2 Instant Generates an explosion Sage Freke (trade Dragon Demon’s Soul)
Fire Spray 2 1 Instant Can be used while moving Sage Freke (trade Hard Demon’s Soul)
Firestorm 100 3 4.5 Fire wall Yuria, the Witch (trade Dragon Demon’s Soul)
Flame Toss 9 1 Instant Shoots stream of fire that explodes upon impact. Sage Freke (1000 souls)
Homing Soul Arrow 40 2 2 min Homing soul arrow Sage Freke (trade Yellow Demon’s Soul)
Ignite 18 2 Instant Large flame Yuria, the Witch (trade Hard Demon’s Soul)
Light Weapon 50 2 60 sec Powers up right-hand weapon Sage Freke (trade Silver Demon’s Soul)
Poison Cloud 15 1 4-6 sec Purple poison cloud Sage Freke (trade Wriggling Demon’s Soul)
Protection 20 1 40 sec Slightly reduces damage received. Sage Freke (5000 souls)
Relief 18 2 Instant Restores HP to full and removes status ailments from an ally. Yuria, the Witch (trade Pureblood Demon’s Soul)
Soul Arrow 5 1 Instant Fires a soul arrow. Sage Freke (1000 souls)
Soul Ray 15 1 Instant Shoots off light that pierces the target. Sage Freke (trade Doll Demon’s Soul)
Soulsucker 100 3 Instant Sucks the soul out. Yuria, the Witch (trade Maiden in Black Demon’s Soul)
Soul Thirst 200 3 30 sec Defeating enemies yields 50% more souls Yuria, the Witch (trade Yellow Demon’s Soul)
Warding 50 2 40 sec Reduces physical damage received by 70% Safe Freke (trade Iron Demon’s Soul)
Water Veil 20 1 60 sec Slightly reduces fire damage by 45% Sage Freke (500 souls)

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