Demon's Souls Remake - Fool’s Idol Boss Guide

A guide on how to defeat Fool's Idol in Demon's Souls Remake. Included are the boss' stats, defenses, resistances, weaknesses, drops, location, and strategies to beat it.

Demon's Souls Remake - Fool's Idol Boss Guide

Fool’s Idol Boss Guide


Normal 97
Slash 97
Blunt 97
Pierce 97
Magic 121
Fire 82
Poison Immune
Plague Immune
Bleed Immune
  • 8,430 Souls
  • Doll Demon’s Soul


Fool’s Idol is found at the Tower of Latria 3-1.


Achievement Trophy How to Unlock
Fool’s Idol’s Trophy PlayStation 4 - Bronze TrophyBronze Slayer of demon “Fool’s Idol”.


Kill the old prisoner on the balcony.

Before going into the chapel, go up the balcony (where the Special Key is found) and kill the old prisoner there. Doing so prevents the boss from being revived after killing it one.

Kill the prisoners in the church.

Though entirely optional, you can kill the prisoners wandering about the church if you are having too much trouble moving around the area.

Magic Resistance

Note that the Fool’s Idol can only deal magic damage so wearing equipment with good magic defense makes the fight dramatically easier. The boss itself is highly resistant to magic, making physical damage the most viable approach to defeating her.

Finding the real Fool’s Idol.

The Fool’s Idol will summon clones of itself during the fight to make it hard for you to target her. Lock-on to any of the Fool’s Idols and attack the one that does not have a health bar above it. You can also tell which is the real boss by looking at the direction the prisoners are facing. Lastly, the real Fool’s Idol fires projectiles that much bigger than those fired by the clones.

Stay on the edges of the chapel.

The Fool’s Idol will place invisible runes on the ground that can paralyze you when you step on them. While it is entirely possible to remember where they are placed by memory, you can just stay on the edges of the area to avoid them as you approach the Fool’s Idol. This also allows you easily get behind pillars to avoid the boss’ Soul Ray attack.

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