Demon's Souls Remake - Miracles List


List of miracles in Demon's Souls Remake. Included are miracles arranged in alphabetical order, mp cost, slot cost, duration, effect, and locations.

Demon's Souls Remake - Miracles List


Miracles are spells that are geared towards support. Effects range from healing the caster to buffing his durability.

Spell MP Slot Duration Effect How to obtain
Antidote 20 1 Instant Cures poison Saint Urbain (3000 souls)
Anti-Magic Field 10 2 60 sec Stops magic from being used within the field Saint Urbain (trade Storm Demon’s Soul)
Banish 50 2 Instant Banishes Black Phantoms near the caster Saint Urbain (trade Yellow Demon’s Soul)
Cure 30 1 Instant Cures Poison, Plague, and Bleeding Saint Urbain (trade Wriggling Demon’s Soul)
Evacuate 40 1 Instant Warps back to the Nexus Saint Urbain (20000 souls)
God’s Wrath 100 2 Instant Strong blast of force surrounds the caster Saint Urbain (trade Dragon Demon’s Soul)
Heal 30 1 Instant Restores HP Saint Urbain (5000 souls)
Hidden Soul 30 1 Instant Hides the caster’s soul making them harder to detect by Black Phantoms Saint Urbain (3000 soul)
Recovery 60 2 Instant Restores a large amount of HP (depends on Faith) Saint Urbain (3 colorless demon’s souls)
Regeneration 40 1 100 sec HP regen over time Saint Urbain (trade Swollen Demon’s Soul)
Resurrection 50 1 Instant Revives blue phantoms (shifts to White world tendency) Saint Urbain (trade Pureblood Demon’s Soul)
Second Chance 100 2 Until Death Revives with 50% HP Saint Urbain (trade 3 hero demon’s souls)

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