Demon's Souls Remake - Starting Classes

A guide on starting classes in Demon's Souls. Included are each starting class' default equipment, magic, stats, and the best class to choose for beginners.

Demon's Souls Remake - Starting Classes

Starting Classes

Please note information here is for the original Demon’s Souls on the Playstation 3. We will update this page with information for Demon’s Souls Remake on the Playstation 5 when the game comes out.

Choosing a Starting Class

You must choose a starting class when creating a new character in the game. The starting classes differ in their initial stats, and default equipment and magic in the beginning so you can choose which one that suits your playstyle.

Class Starting Equipment and Magic

Class Default Equipment Starting Magic Starting Items
Soldier Weapon: Broad Sword, Short Spear
Shield: Soldier’s Shield
Heavy Armor: Plate Set
Knight Weapon: Long Sword, Mail Breaker
Shield: Kite Shield
Heavy Armor: Fluted Set
Hunter Weapon: Battle Axe, Long Bow
Shield: Leather Shield
Heavy Armor: Leather Set
Priest Weapon: Mace
Shield: Heater Shield
Heavy Armor: Chain Mail Set
Talisman: Talisman of God
Magician Weapon: Short Sword, Wooden Catalyst
Shield: Leather Shield
Heavy Armor: Wizard’s Set
Wanderer Weapon: Falchion, Dagger
Shield: Wooden Shield
Heavy Armor: Leather Armor, Hard Leather Boots
Barbarian Weapon: Club x2
Shield: Wooden Shield
Heavy Armor: None
Thief Weapon: Dagger, Short Bow
Shield: Buckler
Heavy Armor: Black Leather Set
Temple Knight Weapon: Halberd, Talisman of God
Shield: Heater Shield
Heavy Armor: Mirdan Set
Royalty Weapon: Silver Catalyst, Rapier
Shield: Buckler
Heavy Armor: Wizard’s Set, Silver Coronet
Ring: Fragrant Ring

Class Stats Summary

Class Initial Soul Lv. Vit Int End Str Dex Mag Faith Luck
Soldier 6 14 9 12 12 11 8 10 10
Knight 4 10 11 11 14 10 10 11 7
Hunter 6 12 10 13 11 12 8 8 12
Priest 6 13 11 12 13 8 8 13 8
Magician 6 9 15 10 9 11 15 6 11
Wanderer 6 10 10 11 11 15 9 7 13
Barbarian 9 15 7 13 15 9 11 8 11
Thief 9 10 13 10 9 14 10 8 15
Temple Knight 4 11 8 13 14 12 6 13 7
Royalty 1 8 12 8 9 12 13 12 7

Which Class Should I Choose?

Any of the classes will arguably be good starting characters for beginners, though the Royal which has access to the Soul Arrow spell which gives you a good ranged attack against that can quickly kill most enemies early on in the game.

For a good mix of melee combat and added survivability, the Temple Knight class is also recommended on your first playthrough. It has high vitality and strength along with having the Heal spell to use in emergency situations.

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