Demon's Souls Remake - Tower of Latria 3-1 Walkthrough

A complete walkthrough of Tower of Latria 3-1 for Demon's Souls Remake. Included are an overview of the area, NPCs, treasure chest locatios, obtainable items, enemies, bosses, and world tendency events

Demon's Souls Remake - Tower of Latria 3-1 Walkthrough

Tower of Latria


NPCs Once Royal Mistress, Sage Freke, Lord Rydell
Enemies Baby’s Nail Plack Phantom, Mind Flayer, Prisoner
Bosses Fool’s Idol

World Tendency Events

White World Tendency

Location Details
Prison of Hope – 2nd floor of the tower (west) on the path blocked by debris. Venerable Sage’s Set and Three-cornered Hat can be obtained. Requires Pure White World Tendency.
Prison of Hope – 2nd floor of the tower (east) after freeing Lord Rydell Get Prison of Hope 2F (East) Cell Key in one of the last cells. Parrying Dagger, Rogue’s Set, Chunk of Mercurystone x2 can be obtained.

Black World

Location Details
Prison of Hope 2F (West) Cell Black Phantom Lord Rydell appears. Kill him to get Phosphorescent Pole. Requires Pure Black World Tendency.


Part 1

1 Head to the pitch black corridor.
2 When you reach the fork, head left. You’ll want to take note of the path leading right for later.
3 Head past the cells and then enter the third one to your left.
4 Loot the Wizard gear and Wooden Catalyst.
5 Continue along the rails and prepare to block the attack from the approaching enemy on the next curve.
6 Use magic and then finish him off with physical attacks.
7 Search the wall to find the following items: Prison of Hope, 3F Cell Key, and Renowned Soldier’s Soul.
8 After looting the items, follow the path until you reach the opposite side of the railing.
9 Look to the left and prepare a spell or use physical attacks to dispatch the approaching enemy.
10 Prepare for an ambush from one of the pillars and take out the enemy.
11 Continue right to find another set of items on the wall.
12 After taking the items, sneak past some enemies and search the dead body for a Renowned Soldier’s Soul.
13 Go back and return to the site with the first fork and take the other path. Use the keys to unlock the gate and loot the Augite of Guidance.
14 Go through the foggy door and then climb the stairs.
15 Prepare for another ambush from one of the pillars.
16 Follow the trail and mind the gate to the left. The right side leads to the main path.
17 Fight your way through the cells, you can also opt to take them out to find the weapon Estoc.

Part 2

1 Go back out and return to the main path.
2 Ignore the statues as you cross the area to avoid the traps.
3 Before you enter the balcony, lure the enemy to the door and have him attack while you dodge his spell. Close in and take him out.
4 Approach the ledge and loot the set of items including keys to the 4th Floor.
5 Return to the path lined with statues and then go right to open the gate.
6 Dodge the incoming spell and then fire off your own or use physical attacks to eliminate the enemy.
7 Open the cell to your right and snipe the magician. Use the pillars for cover.
8 Search the right section of the balcony for Renowned Hero’s Soul.
9 Dodge another spell from the patrolling enemy and then fire your own.
10 Unlock the cell on the right hallway to find a shopkeeper who sells useful items as well as the Ring of Avarice.
11 Go back and stick to the left path.
12 Mind the right side and walk carefully since there’s a magician throwing spells from a distance.
13 After reaching the corner, use the key.
14 Climb down the stairs to reach the open area.
15 Head past the archway and loot the Old Spice from the body.
16 Go through and take note of the cell that gleams. You’ll need to backtrack to this spot later.
17 Go back and continue down the stairs.

Part 3

1 Head straight and mind the locked gate.
2 Examine the keys dangling on the wall to find a set for the 1st Floor.
3 Go through the path and pass through the doorway.
4 Head to the corner and take the gate.
5 When you reach the opposite side, cross the foggy area to reach the floor above.
6 Defeat the patrolling enemy and then collect the Heavy Crossbow.
7 Walk down the stairs and then open the gate.
8 Go straight and then hide behind the column.
9 Cross the area while hiding behind the columns. Looting the items as you go along.
10 When the path opens up, prepare for an ambush.
11 After taking out the enemy, search the area for Silver Bracelets.
12 Follow the path going right and then use the columns for cover.
13 Repel the enemy using spells of your own.
14 When the enemy is down, search the spot for an Old Spice.
15 Look for a gap and go through.
16 A cutscene will occur.
17 Cross the area lined with arrows carefully and search the corner to find the Prison of Hope, Warden’s Key.
18 Return to the tower and go all the way to the spot where you picked up the keys to the 1st floor. Your next destination is to locate the two doors.

Part 4

1 When you return to the area, you’ll reach a hallway blocked by an enemy. Dodge the arrows and close in to land your attacks.
2 Collect the Renowned Hero’s Soul and then head right and pass through the archway.
3 Follow the path to the open spot and then look to your right and take out another enemy.
4 Go down the next corridor and pick up the Renowned Hero’s Soul.
5 The open room leads to another locked gate, you can unlock it to reach yet another open corridor.
6 Climb down and continue along the path to get to the foot of the tower.
7 Go through the door and then make a right and follow the curved path.
8 Proceed along the walkway, heading past the doorway until you reach a room with a corpse. Loot it for a Silver Catalyst.
9 Head back to the ground and then continue left to find another door wrapped in fog.
10 Enter it to reach a spacious zone facing the next tower.
11 Approach the ballista and press X to turn it off.
12 Search around for some items lying around.
13 Enter the tower and then ascend the winding stairs, going through some ledges.
14 After reaching the small room, look for a NPC and go behind him and grab Prison of Hope, Special Key.
15 Interact with the sitting man.
16 Take him out and then exit the area.
17 Return to the cell to locate Sage Freke by retracing your steps back to the entrance.
18 Use the key to open the lock and then speak to the NPC.
19 After receiving Geri’s Stiletto, backtrack to the walkway facing the inactive ballista and then head down to the side to spot a Stone of Ephemeral Eyes.
20 Head up the ledge on your right and then go through the gap in the fence.
21 Go back to the two towers at the back of the ballista and then climb the stairs while your shield is raised.
22 Take time to backpedal in between a volley of hits to refill your stamina.
23 Head upstairs and then go through the doors to unlock it.
24 Use support spells and then cross the fog to find the area boss.
25 Defeat Fool’s Idol (boss).


Fool’s Idol

The Fool’s Idol will summon clones of itself during the fight to make it hard for you to target her. Lock-on to any of the Fool’s Idols and attack the one that does not have a health bar above it. You can also tell which is the real boss by looking at the direction the prisoners are facing. Lastly, the real Fool’s Idol fires projectiles that much bigger than those fired by the clones.

Fool’s Idol Boss Guide

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