Demon's Souls Remake - Leechmonger Archstone 5-2 Walkthrough

A complete walkthrough of Leechmonger Archstone 5-2 for Demon's Souls Remake. Included are an overview of the area, NPCs, treasure chest locatios, obtainable items, enemies, bosses, and world tendency events

Demon's Souls Remake - Leechmonger Archstone Walkthrough

Leechmonger Archstone


NPCs Selen Vinland, Filthy Woman
Enemies Depraved One, Giant Depraved One, Giant Mosquito, Phosphorescent Slug, Poison Jelly, Meat Cleaver Black Phantom
Bosses Dirty Colossus

World Tendency Events

White World

Location Details
Area after the first fog door. Selen Vinland (body form) appears allowing you to start her quest. Gives you Ring of Devout Prayer after getting Crest of Vinland from Dirty Colossus Archstone (5-3) but only if your Faith stat is at least 10. Drops Dull Gold Set when killed.

Black World Tendency

Location Details
Area after the first fog door. Black Phantom Selen Vinlan appears. kill her to get a Blind. Requires Pure Black World Tendency.
Inside the cave from the boardwalk near the second fog door. Primeval Demon appears.


Part 1

1 Equip the following gear before going inside: Regeneration Ring, Gloom Armor Set, and the Abjudicator Shield.
2 When you’re ready, cross the marsh.
3 From the entrance, follow the path until you reach a cliff.
4 Continue right and follow the planks resting on beside the cliff.
5 Trail behind to encounter an enemy. Use spells or swipe it with physical attacks to take him out.
6 Keep going along the planks and take note of the area to the right which is a path that is closed off but will serve as a shortcut later on.
7 Follow the path down until you reach the bottom floor. The path extends to an open area.
8 Look for the pair of goblins patrolling the area and take them out with fire spells.
9 If you don’t have the poison immunity equipped, you need to keep finding high ground and recover your health as you cross the marsh
10 Instead of moving further, turn right and follow the path to find some wooden scaffolding. Loot the items scattered on the ground including the Regeneration Ring.
11 Turn around and follow the path to the left this time and climb on land.
12 Turn diagonally facing left and continue along to find some slime enemies moving around.
13 Thin them out using fire magic and then loot the items nearby. You can also opt to run past them.
14 Continue until you reach an island that houses goblins.
15 Draw one’s attention using fire magic and then quickly swap to a physical weapon to finish him off. Repeat for the remaining goblin.
16 Follow the planks to reach the archway. You can opt to take a break here.
17 Proceed until you reach a fork, and then cross the mud going right to come to the foot of the scaffolding.
18 After reaching dry land, you can find a NPC (white tendency).
19 A swarm of insects will come after you so toast the insects using fire spells.
20 Follow the platforms leading to pieces of dry land.
21 Lure the leeches to draw their attention and then take care of them using fire enchanted weapons.

Part 2

1 Head past the leeches and then continue until you reach a lone island inhabited by goblins.
2 Use the Thief’s Ring and then cast a fire spell. Move back after each cast to force the enemy to stay put. Repeat until he goes down. In case you get his full attention, you need to use warding magic.
3 Do the same for the remaining goblin.
4 When you reach the opposite end, you’ll come across more platforms.
5 Follow the path to find the vendor along the walkway to the left. Interact with her if you wish.
6 Continue along the path through the walkway leading back to the marsh.
7 Take out the goblin nearby and then loot the recovery item on the left.
8 Follow the trail and fight your way through the group of goblins using your shield for cover to bounce off attacks.
9 Climb carefully and you’ll eventually encounter spell casting goblins.
10 Scale to reach the top but don’t go through foggy gap flanked by torches.
11 Instead, continue along the planks laid out on the corner of the cliff.
12 Take out the aerial insects with fire and then follow the path, fending off insects and goblins as you keep at it.
13 Search below and snipe the goblins on the island.
14 Cross the planks to come to the corner to find a plank that is different from the rest. Walk up to it and press X.
15 Continue along the newly formed path to return to the entrance.
16 Return to the spot with the torches and make the necessary preparations: use warding and the Stone of Ephemeral Eyes.
17 Defeat Dirty Colossus (boss).
18 Approach the archstone to claim the Eroded Demon Soul.
19 Interact with it again to fast travel to the Nexus.
20 Bring the soul to Sage Freke to learn the Acid Cloud magic.


Dirty Colossus

Dirty Colossus can’t touch you while his facing the opposite direction. Use melee and approach his back and then go all out with physical attacks. Dirty Colossus shares the same weakness to fire or dragon weapons with the Leechmonger boss. That being said, use Turpentine to endow your weapon with the fire property or equip a Dragon weapon or a light weapon.

Dirty Colossus Boss Guide

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