Demon's Souls Remake - Prologue Walkthrough

A complete walkthrough of the prologue for Demon's Souls Remake. Included are an overview of the area, NPCs, treasure chest locatios, obtainable items, enemies, bosses, and world tendency events.

Demon's Souls Remake - Prologue Walkthrough



Treasure Chests 0
Enemies Dregling, Boletarian Guard (Sword), Boleterian Guard (Crossbow), Blue Eye Knight (Sword)
Bosses Vanguard (optional)

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Outer Boletarian Palace

1 Move forward and defeat the dregling at the small court. Continue following the straight path leading to an entrance on your right and kill the dreggling there.
2 Defeat two more dreglings just before the stairs and go up.
3 Kill the lone dregling and continue moving up the stairs. Get Crescent Moon Grass from the corpse on your right just before the bridge.
4 Cross the bridge and take Crescent Moon Grass x3 on the opening to your left before dropping down.
5 Make your way to the right in the direction of the rightmost structure housing the archstone. Be careful of the dreglings that will ambush you on your way. Touch the archstone to warp to the next area.

Boletarian Palace

1 Move forward and kill the Boletarian guard ahead. While he is slightly stronger than the dreglings, he can easily be killed with a well-timed parry and riposte.
2 Continue following the path while killing another guard ahead. Afterwards, you will come up to a Blue Eye Knight. He hits considerably harder than anything you have encountered so far but can easily be defeated by parrying his attack.
3 Move on and kill another Blue Eye Knight. Afterwards, go up the wooden walkway onto the wooden platform and get Half Moon Grass from the corpse there.
4 Continue up the stairs and kill the Boletarian guard by the balcony. Turn around and get the Unknown Soldier’s Soul from the corpse by the wall.
5 Move forward to another wooden walkway and up the stairs to kill another guard as well as a crossbowman near the fog door.
6 Enter the fog door and go right to get Half Moon Grass x2 from the corpse near the locked gate. Turn around and backtrack to the fog door.
7 Kill the guard across the corridor and go up the stairs to another fog door to fight the Vanguard. Note that you do not need to defeat this boss now so feel free to let him kill you to end the prologue and move to the Nexus.


Practice parrying (Melee)

For melee characters with shields, take the time to learn parry timings for the enemies encountered before reaching the Vanguard. This allows you kill most of the foes during the early game with one or two successful ripostes.


The Vanguard is quite an intimidating enemy especially for new players as his attacks can kill you in one or two hits. While completely optional, it is possible to defeat him at this point in the game by strafing to his side and avoiding his ground slam attack. Note that you will still be killed in the next area by the Dragon God and to end up in the Nexus as with the normal progression of the game.

Vanguard Boss Guide

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