Demon's Souls Remake - Below the Nexus (Final) Walkthrough


A complete walkthrough of Below the Nexus (Final) for Demon's Souls Remake. Included are an overview of the area, NPCs, treasure chest locatios, obtainable items, enemies, bosses, and world tendency events

Demon's Souls Remake - Below the Nexus (Final) Walkthrough

Below the Nexus (Final)


Treasure Chests
NPCs Maiden
Bosses Old King Allant

World Tendency Events

White World

Coming soon.

Black World

Coming soon.


1 After claiming the False King Demon’s Soul and going back to the Nexus, you will trigger a cutscene.
2 When you’re ready, speak to the maiden for another cutscene.
3 Cross the path wrapped in foliage and hack at obstacles along the way.
4 Approach the corner to find a wall leading to the final boss.
5 Defeat Old King Allant (boss).
6 After emerging victorious, you can choose between the following:

  • Cross the fog covered path to complete the game and let the credits roll.
  • Put the maiden to rest.


Old King Allant

Imbuing your weapon with fire lets you stack more damage per hit against King Allant. Make sure to stock up on them before taking on the boss.

Old King Allant Boss Guide

Deciding the maiden’s fate

Depending on your chosen path, you’ll earn a different Demon Soul. Choosing to end the game without harming the maiden yields the Maiden in Black’s Demon Soul. Whereas, if you do take her out, you’ll receive Red Eye and the Old Beast’s Soul.

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