Demon's Souls Remake - Leechmonger Boss Guide

A guide on how to defeat Leechmonger in Demon's Souls Remake. Included are the boss' stats, defenses, resistances, weaknesses, drops, location, and strategies to beat it.

Demon's Souls Remake - Leechmonger Boss Guide

Leechmonger Boss Guide


Normal 107
Slash 107
Blunt 134
Pierce 107
Magic 100
Fire 65
Poison Immune
Plague Immune
Bleed Immune
  • 8,249 Souls
  • Wriggling Demon’s Soul


Leechmonger is found in Valley of Defilement 5-1.


Achievement Trophy How to Unlock
Leechmonger’s Trophy PlayStation 4 - Bronze TrophyBronze Slayer of demon “Leechmonger”.


Fire Damage

Leechmonger is very weak to fire and can be defeated easily by applying Turpentine on your weapon or using nuking him with strong magic like Fire Spray or Firestorm.

Watch your health.

Leechmonger’s melee attacks pose very little threat as you can easily dodge to his side to avoid them. The real problem he presents is the leeches that constantly drain your HP during the fight. Bring as many Crescent Moon Grass before taking him on to survive the encounter.

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