Demon's Souls Remake - Tower Knight Archstone 1-3

A complete walkthrough of the Tower Knight Archstone 1-3 for Demon's Souls Remake. Included are an overview of the area, NPCs, treasure chest locatios, obtainable items, enemies, bosses, and world tendency events.

Demon's Souls Remake - Tower Knight Archstone 1-3 Walkthrough

Tower Knight Archstone 1-3


NPCs Biorr of the Twing Fangs, Dregling Merchant, Ostrava of Boletaria, Yuria the Witch
Enemies Boletaria Soldier, Dog, Fat Official, Imperial Spy, Red Eye Knight
Bosses Penetrator

World Tendency Events

Black World

Location Details
Passage after the Red Eye Knight and Crossbowmen Two Black Phantom Fat Officials and Primeval Demon appear.


Part 1

1 Watch the cutscene after passing through the fog. Afterwards, move toward the plaza’s edge and defeat the dogs that appear. Get Storied Soldier’s Soul from the corpses there as well.
2 Follow the alley in the corner going right to get Late Moon Grass. Ignore the locked gate for now.
3 From opening going to the alleyway, go left and up the stairs. Watch out for balls of fire that will come down and avoid them by taking cover in the small opening in the wall on your left.
4 Continue up the stairs and take out the group of enemies at the landing. Watch the cutscene that plays and get Stone of Ephemeral Eyes from where the path has been sealed.
5 Go down again and follow the path that leads away next to the stairs. Take out the soldiers guarding the path to advance and another group just a little ways ahead.
6 You will come up to an area with tables that you can destroy on your left. Just beyond them is a path connected to the balcony that you can follow.
7 Move along the edge of the balcony. From here, you can choose and drop down onto the lower area with an archer you can kill using ranged attacks, take out another guard hiding behind the boxes and get Full Moon Grass and Unknown Hero’s Soul there or use the stairs on the left to reach the lower plaza.
8 At the lower plaza, go up the stairs just ahead and destroy the tables and kill the archer if you have not done so yet.
9 Afterwards, turn your attention to the group of soldiers and pick them off with magic or melee attacks one by one. Loot the area of the items you missed from taking the stairs instead of dropping down.
10 Resume your ascent along the stairs. An enemy ahead may push down a ball of flame in your direction so best to stay alert when going up and take out the soldier there.
11 Keep moving up the stairs while fending off ambushes. Go up until you see an opening to the right of the stairs and kill the archer there.
12 Move on to the next passageway until it opens up to the right and get Slave Shield from the corpse there. Note that you will be ambushed by an enemy from behind. Turn around quickly and take him out. Backtrack to the main stairway and keep going up.

Part 2

1 Come up from the stairs to the open plaza. Ignore the fog door on the left and turn to the archers towards the gap on the other side. Defeat them and turn to the opening on your right to find a group of soldiers to take out as well.
2 Go toward the building ahead and kill off any remaining enemies as you make for the stairs. Climb the stairs to find a merchant selling various pieces of equipment.
3 Go out approach the ledge on your right to get Great Sword by the corpse.
4 Backtrack all the way to the fog gate and pass through it now.
5 Carefully move along the corridor and take out the soldier on the way. Continue forward until you reach an open area and carefully take out another guard (preferably with ranged attacks). Afterwards, turn your attention to Fat Official ahead. Kill him to get Iron Ring of Keys and New Moon Grass.
6 Move and climb through the area and take out more of the guards near the stairs. When you come to the landing at the top, kill off the archers on the right.
7 After the area is cleared of enemies, you can get Royal Lotus by dropping down the stairs from the sided.
8 Move on up the stairs again and get Late Moon grass from a corpse by destroying the rubble on the left of the stone ledge.
9 Go up the stairs but be ready to move out of the way when the ball of flame comes down. Take out the guard afterwards.
10 Move using the ledges and defeat the guards just ahead. At the edge of the wall, take the stairs to the section below and kill the archers.
11 When the path branches to the left and right near the overlook, take the right passage. Take out the enemies along the way and get Unknown Hero’s Soul. Some more guards below can be attacked using magic or arrows if you have enough resources.
12 Backtrack to the fork from before and head left this time and follow it going down.
13 Take out the guard and archer as you move along and another Fat Official further down the stairs. When he is dead, get Official’s Cap and New Moon Grass from his corpse.
14 Go towards the gate and pull the lever on the right to open it. Help Ostrava being pursued by soldiers and take them out.
15 After talking to Ostrava, go down the stairs toward the archstone in the starting area (Tower Knight’s boss area).
16 Take out the knight along the corridor near the Tower Knight’s boss area. Afterwards, check the right side of the corridor to find a wooden door that you can unlock using the Iron Ring of Keys.
17 Go down and kill the Fat Official to get Bloody Iron Key and New Moon Grass. Talk to Biorr afterwards and get Storied Hero’s Soul in one of the cells. Afterwards, backtrack to the archstone and further by the fountain.
18 Equip the Official’s Hat and head through the narrow passage along the corner of the small plaza. Open the gate using Bloody Iron Key and follow the path until it opens ahead and to the left going to the tower.
19 Take the straight path along the narrow passage first to get Stone of Ephemeral Eyes. Head back to the fork and take the left path this time.
20 Go inside the tower and move right to find some stairs. Go up and kill the Fat Official and talk to Yuria the Witch.

Part 3

1 Head back down the tower and get Ring of the Accursed and Ring of Magical Nature from the corpses on the way. Down a wooden scaffold is Legendary Soldier’s Soul.
2 Backtrack to fountain in the small plaza and make for the large stairway going up again.
3 Talk to Ostrava to get Pure Clearstone. Afterwards, continue moving up. Note that Ostrava can be killed to obtain the Mausoleum Key. You can also get the key later when Ostrava kills himself past the Penetrator Archstone.
4 As you resume your ascent, you will have more soldiers and archers to take out than usual just before the fog door.
5 As you near the fog door, a cutscene will play. Mop up any remaining enemies and enter the fog to battle the Penetrator.


Mausoleum Key

Getting the Mausoleum Key from Ostrava lets you enter the area past the Red Eye Knight near the catapults of Boletaria Palace. Old King Doran can be found here and defeating him rewards you with the large sword Demonbrandt that gains powerful damage bonuses if you have high white character tendency.


Biorr can serve as a good distraction in the fight against Penetrator if you have freed him from the dungeon. He has high enough health to last a good duration of the fight but can die if you take too long to kill the boss.

Pillars will impede the Penetrator’s movement but will not save you from his wide sword attacks. Get behind pillars if you need to heal or apply enchantments to your weapon but make sure you are at a good distance away from him.

Penetrator Boss Guide

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