Demon's Souls Remake - Penetrator Boss Guide

A guide on how to defeat Penetrator in Demon's Souls Remake. Included are the boss' stats, defenses, resistances, weaknesses, drops, location, and strategies to beat it.

Demon's Souls Remake - Penetrator Boss Guide

Penetrator Boss Guide

Demon's Souls Remake - Penetrator Boss Guide


Normal 187
Slash 187
Blunt 140
Pierce 187
Magic 148
Fire 163
Poison Average
Plague Average
Bleed Immune
  • 35,850 Souls
  • Silver Demon’s Soul


Penetrator is found at the Tower Knight Archstone 1-3.


Achievement Trophy How to Unlock
Penetrator’s Trophy PlayStation 4 - Bronze TrophyBronze Slayer of demon “Penetrator”.


Free Biorr.

Obtaining the Iron Ring of Keys by killing the Fat Official past the Tower Knight Archstone allows you to open Biorr’s cell in the dungeons. Head to the very end of the Phalanx Archstone and unlock the door to the dungeons to find Biorr imprisoned there.

Biorr can serve as a good distraction for the Penetrator, allowing you to get in some good hits from behind. Note that while Biorr has high health, he will eventually get killed if you take too long to defeat the boss.

Dodge instead of block.

It is not recommended to block any of Penetrator’s attacks as you will still take damage even when using a shield with 100% protection. Learn to dodge to his side or through him when he swings. This gives you a good opening to land one or two strikes as he recovers from his assault.

When Penetrator pulls his weapon back, it will start to burst with blue energy more so than normal. Roll to the side to avoid getting impaled which almost always results in an instant kill.

Use the pillars.

While the pillars will not save you from the Penetrator’s wide sword swipes, they will impeded his movement. You can get behind pillars if you need to heal or apply enchantments to your weapon but make sure you are at a good distance away from him.

Use Soul Arrow or Homing Soul Arrow

Using offensive magic is also a viable strategy against Penetrator, allowing you to safely pepper him with attacks from a safe distance. Just be sure to bring Fresh Spices to quickly regain MP when you run out.

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