Demon's Souls Remake - Valley of Defilement 5-1 Walkthrough

A complete walkthrough of Valley of Defilement 5-1 for Demon's Souls Remake. Included are an overview of the area, NPCs, treasure chest locatios, obtainable items, enemies, bosses, and world tendency events

Demon's Souls Remake - Valley of Defilement Walkthrough

Valley of Defilement


NPCs Filthy Woman
Enemies Depraved One, Giant Depraved One, Rat, Giant Tick
Bosses Leechmonger

World Tendency Events

White World Tendency

Location Details
Ladder in the area between the Rats and first Depraved One. Istarelle Spear can be obtained. Requires Pure White World Tendency.


Part 1

1 From where you drop off into the Valley, get Royal Lotus under the planks on the left. Afterwards, use the plank to go up the path.
2 Take out the goblins on your way to the ladder. Go down to get Morning Star.
3 Go up the ladder again and resume your ascent to the upper area. Destroy the rubble blocking the path to go further.
4 Coming off from the planks, you will arrive at a bridge you can use to cross the gap. Go over the bridge while watching for attacks coming from enemies along the sides.
5 Move past the planks and go down the ladder ahead. Take out the group of enemies below.
6 Afterwards, move to the left on to some plans and jump all the way down to the ledge and get Stone of Ephemeral Eyes. Take out the enemies there and drop off to the right to find more foes and Storied Soldier Soul.
7 Just beyond there is Blessed Mace +1 near the red blob enemy that you should kill as well.
8 Afterwards, head to the left of the area and drop down the board to get over the gap. Cross it and kill the rats on the other side.
9 An alternate route from the where you went down the ladder is through the fog door. After entering, take out the enemy along the planks and go down the sloping path.
10 Just to the left of the bridge ahead are Unknown Hero’s Soul and Faintstone Ore. Move toward the items but take out the raised corpses there first.
11 Make your way down and cross the bridge. Move further to find a forked road. Take the left to get Stone of Ephemeral Eyes, Saint’s Boots, Saint’s Gloves, and Saint’s Robe.
12 Head back to the fork and take the right path. Move through the opening and take out the poisonous bulbs along the way.
13 Walk along the ledge and go down to find a female merchant that sells various items, including Black Turpentine and armor.

Part 2

1 Past the merchant are some planks going further down the area.
2 Take out the rats there and you should find yourself in the area where the red blob was guarding the Blessed Mace +1 from the taking the first approach from the ladder. Grab the weapon if you have not yet obtained it.
3 Follow the planks again going left to an opening. Walk slowly and watch out for some debris that will come from above.
4 On the other side of the path is a large enemy aided by a smaller one. Take them out and proceed to the ladder on the left by the bridge ahead
5 Past the ladder is another large enemy that you can defeat that is guarding a few more items. To continue further to the end, you must head back to the ladder.
6 After taking care of the large enemy, move further into the opening to reach an area with wooden floors with straw littered on the ground.
7 Take out the goblins that appear here and go up the boards going up into the edge of the section. In the next area, kill the poisonous bulbs and go through the opening that goes to the bridge.
8 Take out the enemies on the bridge, including a large enemy that approaches you from the distance.
9 After coming off the bridge, move along the plank to get Full Moon Grass just before the fog door.
10 Go through the fog and battle Leechmonger.



Leechmonger can be defeated easily by imbuing your weapon fire using Turpentine or Black Turpentine. Bombarding him with strong magic like Fire Spray or Firestorm will also make short work of him.

Watch out for the leeches that constantly drain your HP during the fight which can be remedied by bringing a good stock of grass before taking on Leechmonger.

Leechmonger Boss Guide

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