Demon's Souls Remake - Phalanx Archstone 1-2 Walkthrough

A complete walkthrough of the Phalanx Archstone 1-2 for Demon's Souls Remake. Included are an overview of the area, NPCs, treasure chest locatios, obtainable items, enemies, bosses, and world tendency events.

Demon's Souls Remake - Phalanx Archstone 1-2 Walkthrough

Phalanx Archstone 1-2


NPCs Dregling Merchant, Biorr of the Twin Fangs, Otrava of Boletaria
Enemies Blue Eye Knight, Boletaria Soldier, Dog, Dregling, Fat Official, Hoplite
Bosses Tower Knight, Red Dragon (optional)

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World Tendency Events

Black World Tendency

Location Details
Red Dragon Bridge Two Blue Eye Knights appear.


Part 1

1 When you arrive in the Phalanx’s boss area, move to the narrow corridor ahead. Take out the slime hoplites as you move further into the next hallway.
2 Pick up the Throwing Knife on the right side of the room and Half Moon Grass up the stairs on the left near a cart and dead horse.
3 Just along the wall near a small platform from where you got the Half Moon Grass is Unknown Hero’s Soul. Move toward the hall to get it and continue ahead to find Ostrava again.
4 After talking to Ostrava, move further along the path with the slime Hoplites to reach an open area overlooking a bridge.
5 Move along the bridge and sprint towards the shelter ahead halfway along the bridge (ignore the items for now) to avoid the dragon.
6 Look to the side of the room in the shelter and go up the stairs. Take out the archers and spearmen in the area above. Get Unknown Hero’s Soul and Wooden Catalyst from the two corpses at the top of the tower. Backtrack to the previous area in the shelter and go down the stairs this time.
7 As you enter the dungeon, go right through the gate and take out the dogs there. Be ready to kill off two guards hiding behind the pillars along the path further ahead.
8 Move forward and defeat a group of rabid dogs and an archer. Just on the way is Unknown Hero’s Soul and a merchant that sells items in front of the grating.
9 Head back to the staircase that goes up into the shelter but be sure to take Crescent Moon Grass along the right side of path on your way.
10 Just before the staircase is a path that lets you go further by destroying some boards ahead. Take out the archers in the opened path. After all the enemies are dead, get Ring of Gash Resistance from the corpse there.
11 Move on to find Ostrava at the end of the path and talk to him to get Dark Moon Grass.
12 Backtrack to the hall going to the merchant from before. Along the way to your right are some planks that you can destroy to reveal a set of stairs. Go up to the next area from here.

Part 2

1 As you return to the upper area, continue going up the tower to reach the top. Kill the archers there and get the Compound Short Bow and Heavy Arrow from the corpse.
2 Go through the door and head left. Deal with more archers and go right toward the fog door.
3 In the next area, position yourself near the wagon on the left wall. When the dragon appears and starts its flight path, sprint behind to reach the end of the area. Get ready to take out a group of enemies consisting of guards, knight, and archers. Focus on the guards first before taking on the knight.
4 Proceed to the corridor to find another knight and deal with him as well. From here, you can mop up any archers along the rooftops to farm souls and loot.
5 Afterwards, head back to where you killed the second knight. Just before the fog door is an area with some stairs going up.
6 Climb up and kill the Crystal Lizard in the next area and go up another set of stairs that leads to the top of the tower. Take out the two archers there first before gathering Royal Lotus, Stone of Ephemeral Eyes, Renowned Soldier’s Soul, and Unknown Hero’s Soul.
7 Head back to the fog door and prepare to battle Tower Knight (boss).


Tower Knight

Kill the archers on the on the balconies on the left and right side of the courtyard first before engaging the Tower Knight. You will not have to worry about arrows firing at you as you dodge the boss’ attacks if you do this.

Dodging to the side lets you avoid most of Tower Knight’s attacks. Be especially alert when the boss slowly raises its shield in the air, to perform its shield slam that can one-shot most low-level characters and creates a wide area of effect that can knock you down. Back away as far as possible when you see the tell.

Tower Knight Boss Guide

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