Demon's Souls Remake - Shrine of Storms 4-1 Walkthrough

A complete walkthrough of Shrine of Storms 4-1 for Demon's Souls Remake. Included are an overview of the area, NPCs, treasure chest locatios, obtainable items, enemies, bosses, and world tendency events

Demon's Souls Remake - Shrine of Storms 4-1 Walkthrough

Shrine of Storms


NPCs Satsuki, Graverobber Blige, Sparkly the Crow
Enemies Silver Skeleton, Gold Skeleton, Black Skeleton, Storm Beast
Bosses Adjudicator, Vanguard (Optional)

World Tendency Events

White World Tendency

Location Details
Entrance Satsuki (body form) appears. Will attack you of you have Magic Sword “Makoto” regardless of your dialogue choice when talking to him.

Black World Tendency

Location Details
Entrance Black Phantom Satsuki appears. Kill him to get Hiltless. Requires Pure Black World Tendency.


Part 1

1 Head straight and prepare for a fight against the skeletons.  Get out of the way and punish him with physical attacks.
2 Many skeletons patrol the dungeon so use this opportunity to take them out and collect souls.
3 Head past the archway to reach the plaza that contains stairs.
4 Search the gap for a corpse and loot the Half Moon Grass.
5 Follow the path to find more enemies, mind the distant enemy above you who’s throwing arrows. Your best bet is to pick them off one by one by drawing each away.
6 After sweeping the area, head up the stairs to find the bow wielding enemies.
7 Make way for the corridor and dodge the projectiles.
8 Eventually the fog will vanish and you’ll find a path leading left past the archway.
9 Enter the gap and go through the tight hallway.
10 Hug the right side and move quickly to avoid getting close to the traps.
11 Continue along the path until you reach a box shaped area.
12 Proceed left through the gap. You can opt to take out the skeleton blocking the path to the Crescent Falchion +1 if you wish. Otherwise, continue up the stairs.
13 After climbing to the uppermost floor, head left and defeat the skeletons.
14 Follow the wall, minding the skeleton archer sniping you from the plaza. Keep moving to avoid getting hit.
15 You can set your sights on the gliding manta while dodging the sniper.
16 After coming to the corner, continue along and head down the stairs. Be wary of where you’re going to avoid the traps.
17 Search the body up ahead to get the Copper Key.
18 Head back up the stairs.
19 Unequip your amor and then move to the corner of the wooden scaffolding.
20 Stand facing the wall and roll forward through the broken wall.
21 Jump off to the ledge and then put your armor back on.
22 Collect the Regeneration Ring from the corpse and then continue through the tight passage leading to an open area.
23 After moving past the passage, dodge the traps and then head down the stairs.
24 Defeat the approaching skeleton to gain access to the boss area.
25 The long path has you cross the first set of stairs.
26 Go down to return to the foggy archway.
27 Go to the open plaza and then anticipate its dive attack before punishing it with your own.
28 When the coast is clear, focus on the enemy wielding an ax. Whittle it down with magic.
29 Go around and loot items scattered on the floor. Mind the skeleton that snipes you from afar.
30 Follow the path past the spot where the ax wielding enemy was to reach a pit.
31 Explore this section to loot souls and the Uchigatana. Keep moving to avoid the floating manta.
32 Go down the gap on the floor.

Part 2

1 From the foot of gap, go through and cross the tight passage while minding the floor to avoid the traps.
2 Attack the wall at the end of the hallway to open another path.
3 Fight your way through the army of skeletons.
4 Head straight and pick up the Crescent Grass. Take note of the trail to the right from the crossroads.
5 Open the cell and then talk to the NPC. Feel free to stockpile on some items
6 When you’re ready, return to the previous room and then head right.
7 After reaching another corner, hit it to find more skeletons. Take them out.
8 As you ascend, raise your shield to deflect an incoming attack and then finish it off.
9 Continue along the upward path and defeat the approaching skeletons.
10 Once you reach the grass covered area, go up to reach a tree. Offer the Augite of Guidance that you picked up along the way and then return to receive some ammunition. You can do some trial and error and check to see if the items change.
11 Head back down and then go through the gap on the right.
12 Take out the skeleton archer and loot the Compound Long Bow.
13 Jump off to reach the ground underneath and then enter the gap.
14 Enter the foggy door.
15 Climb the stairs while taking out some skeletons. You’ll come across more enemies like the floating manta so keep moving and fend them off with spells.
16 Snipe the new enemy standing by the gaps on the left with magic to weaken him. After dealing enough damage, run up to him with physical attacks.
17 When the coast is clear, approach the spot to find Adjudicator’s Shield.
18 Follow the trail to reach the other side and then cross while sticking to the wall.
19 Before you keep going to scale down the incline, check your health and ensure that it’s filled to the brim.
20 When you reach the end of the slope, you’ll face more mantas.
21 Take them out one by one.
22 After taking care of the mantas, you’ll be facing skeletons next.
23 New skeletons will appear here, far stronger than the previous ones you fought. Pick them off with magic one by one.
24 A combination of mantas and skeletons will appear later, do the same and draw each one away from the group until they’re all down.
25 Continue along until you reach another foggy door.

Part 3

1 Climb the stairs to reach a ledge.
2 Cross the beam cautiously to reach the other end of the ledge.
3 Search the nearby corpse for a Graverobber’s Ring.
4 Go back to the floor below and then move past the gap and follow the path going right.
5 Stick to the wall as you go to avoid setting the traps.
6 Take the stairs to find another enemy and use magic to soften him before you come in with melee attacks.
7 Head down the foggy path and take some time to use consumables to recover your gauges. Cast some protection spells if you can afford it and then cross the gap for a fight.
8 Defeat Adjudicator (boss).
9 Approach the archstone to earn the Swollen Demon’s Soul. Use it one more time to return to the Nexus.



The Adjudicator has melee attacks at his disposal to hit you with. Attacks consist of using slicing you with his cleaver or whipping you with his tongue. You can also opt to time his weapon attacks by rolling to the side. Other than directly hurting you, his attacks can also cause the elevated platforms to crash to the ground which also adds damage.

Adjudicator Boss Guide

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