Demon's Souls Remake - Dragon God Boss Guide


A guide on how to defeat Dragon God in Demon's Souls Remake. Included are the boss' stats, defenses, resistances, weaknesses, drops, location, and strategies to beat it.

Demon's Souls Remake - Dragon God Boss Guide

Dragon God Boss Guide

Demon's Souls Remake - Dragon God Boss Guide

Please note that the guide listed here is for the original Demon’s Souls on the Playstation 3. We will update this page with information for Demon’s Souls Remake on the Playstation 5 when the game comes out.


Normal 206
Slash 206
Blunt 206
Pierce 206
Magic 206
Fire 273
Poison Immune
Plague Immune
Bleed Immune
  • 4,340 Souls
  • Dragon Demon’s Soul


Dragon God is found at Flamelurker Archstone 2-3.


Achievement Trophy How to Unlock
Dragon God’s Trophy Silver Slayer of demon “Dragon God”.


Wait for him to turn away

Unlike other fights, you have to solve the area puzzle to progress. The area involves clearing debris out of the way. It’s too risky to go about when he’s facing you. Stay put behind a column until the boss looks to another direction before moving from one spot to the next.

Take your pick

There are a myriad of ways to break the debris. One is to draw your melee weapon and go to town while the boss isn’t looking. Another is to channel magic and chip away at it. Last but not the least, you can even draw the boss to smashing the obstacle for you. The last option is the most risky and requires strict timing. Whichever option you choose, you need to remain silent. If you do get caught, run quickly to the nearest column while the boss takes time to release an ear-splitting roar.

Activate the ballista

Stay concealed when his eyes grow red and only move when they revert to yellow. Go along the corridor leading to the right until you reach the elevated platform. Operate the nearby switch to hit the boss, the hit will cause him to break the debris blocking the passage. When the boss is struggling to keep up, hack the debris with all your might. Don’t let him catch you.

Dodge the fiery breath

Mind the Crystal Lizard near the path leading to the second switch. Use it to send the boss to the ground. While the boss staggers, focus on his chin horn. Don’t get too greedy with the attacks to avoid catching fire from his breath. Classes who wield ranged weapons like bows or magic can snipe him. Keep at it to finish him off.

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