Demon's Souls Remake - Stonefang Tunnel 2-1 Walkthrough

A complete walkthrough of Stonefang Tunnel 2-1 for Demon's Souls Remake. Included are an overview of the area, NPCs, treasure chest locatios, obtainable items, enemies, bosses, and world tendency events

Demon's Souls Remake - Stonefang Tunnel 2-1 Walkthrough

Stonefang Tunnel


NPCs Filthy Man, Blacksmith Ed
Enemies Scale Miner, Dog, Fire Lizard, Fat Official
Bosses Armor Spider

World Tendency Events

Black World Tendency

Location Details
Bottom of the elevator with the rock-throwing enemies. Primeval Demon appears.
Second fog door Black Phantom Scale Miner appears.
Wooden bridge before the boss area. Black Phantom Scale Miner appears.


Part 1

1 Climb up the stairs and then follow the path until you find the crystal lizard. Approach it and use a Soul Arrow or simply knock it out.
2 Follow the trail to reach a corpse and loot the Unknown Hero’s Soul.
3 Turn around and the go back and then follow the path that leads to a walkway.
4 Mind the shop by the campfire and the structure behind him, you’ll return to that later.
5 Head past the shop and then keep going along the walkway on the right.
6 Mind the enemies that guard the upper level.
7 Make a left and loot the nearby body for Sticky White Stuff.
8 Continue ahead through the base’s doorway.
9 After entering the structure, go up the stairs and then search the left to trigger the elevator.
10 Enter it to reach the section where the miners interact with the boulders.
11 Be wary of the enemy clad in armor, you should dodge the ranged attack before closing in to punish it with attacks. Finish off the miners that patrol.
12 When the coast is clear, loot the nearby Renowned Hero’s Soul. Proceed to the ledge for a Crushing Battle Axe +1.
13 Take the elevator down to the bottom level.
14 Search the ledge to find Stone of Ephemeral Eyes.
15 Return to the elevator and then go to the middle level and head to the structure.
16 Follow the path left and take out the miners. Tread carefully and use your shield.
17 After taking them out, follow the path that tapers.
18 The room eventually leads to a spacious area, use the shield to bounce off any incoming attacks and then close in to finish them off.
19 Walk cautiously and draw enemies in small batches to the hallway until you clear it. May take a few more rounds.
20 Follow the path to find a stone and then go inside.
21 Focus on the enemy that relies on ranged attacks and then wipe out the rest of them.
22 Collect the items scattered to receive materials for crafting. There are many lying around and you may want to curate them.
23 Head up the steps carefully to reach the next floor.
24 Defeat the miners that block the way.

Part 2

1 Go through the room where the enemy came and pick up the Pickax.
2 Scale up to the top floor and loot the Unknown Soldier’s Soul from the nearby corpse.
3 Go down the steps to follow the path leading left
4 Take the bridge and then raise your shield as you approach the enemy.
5 After the bridge breaks, guard incoming attacks.
6 Deal with the miners in small batches while dodging the ranged enemy sniping from above.
7 Use healing times when needed until the path is clear.
8 Search the ledge for a lever and use it to unlock the gate.
9 Return to the previous area with the bridge by jumping down to the bottom.
10 Head upstairs to reach the top and then continue to the new area to your right.
11 Cross the foggy trail to reach a new site.
12 Defeat the reptile using ranged attacks and then loot the nearby corpse for a Shard of Meltstone.
13 Head upstairs to your left and search the corpse for Half Moon Grass.
14 Tread down the pitch black hall carefully and lure a few enemies back and take them out. Repeat until there are no enemies left.
15 Mind the door on the left, you’ll come back to it later.
16 Follow the hall and destroy the objects blocking the path.
17 Take out the miners along the way and then when the path curves go left to find Unknown Hero’s Soul.
18 Continue along the path going right to pick up Crescent Moon Grass and Unknown Hero’s Soul.
19 Pull the lever to unlock the elevator that can take you to the entrance.
20 At this point, you can opt to return to Nexus to store some items and organize your inventory.
21 Going back, take the elevator down and search around for a Shard of Clearstone.
22 Go through the door bathed in fog and then head up the stairs.
23 When you get to the top, raise your shield to block the incoming attack and then close in with your attacks to take out the sneaky miner.
24 Go through to the open area and draw some of the enemies in small batches. Repeat for a few more rounds.
25 When the coast is clear, check the right and break the barrels.
26 Head up the stairs and loot the Crescent Moon Grass from the body and then go left.
27 While facing the wall, head down the platform and collect the Unknown Hero’s Soul.
28 Head down and loot the corpse for a Steel Shield.

Part 3

1 There are two ways to approach the enemies, you can either take them out or flee. Whichever you choose, head left.
2 Go through the path blocked by the enemies and hunt down the fleeing enemy to earn some crafting materials.
3 Backtrack to the stairs and then head up, going through the spiral.
4 Take out the reptiles guarding the path. Stop them with ranged attacks if you can or lure them one by one to have better matchup. Take a break using the corners while you get back some health.
5 Loot the Shard of Dragonstone from the nearby corpse, and then continue down the steps to reach the open area.
6 Heal when needed and then guard against the lunging dogs.
7 Go back to the foot of the stairs and then destroy the barrels.
8 Follow the wooden plank to find the following: Ed’s Grindstone and Unknown Hero’s Soul.
9 When you approach the last item, you’ll encounter even more enemies.
10 Bait the enemies in small batches to thin them out. Return to the wooden plank to take breaks liking healing if you have to.
11 With the enemies out of the way, walk up to the corner and use the valve to activate the water.
12 Head down to the lower level and then continue straight.
13 Go right and then head up the stairs and cross the hall.
14 Proceed along the path that has now been washed out.
15 After taking some stairs and going through a curving path.
16 Be very careful not to accidentally walk up to the barrels, these are traps that can blow up. Lure the distant enemy to take out the barrels for you while you fall back.
17 After the barrels are gone, take him out.
18 Cross the foggy trail and then make a right and break the obstacles lying around. Search the back for Stone of Ephemeral Eyes.
19 Follow the wooden planks and fend off the approaching miner. Use your shield to bounce off his attack.
20 With the nuisance out of the way, continue straight to reach a wide area which houses an elevator.
21 Head to the upper platform to your right for a Kris Blade.
22 Operate the central crank to reach the bottom platform. The left one can be used to bring up the platform.
23 Once you reach the floor below, pick up the Chunk of Spiderstone from the body hidden behind the dead end.
24 When you’re ready, enter the door bathed in fog for a boss fight.
25 Defeat Armor Spider (boss).


Use the shield

The shield comes in handy against surprise attacks from approaching enemies especially when you cross to the next area and there’s a blind spot. After blocking the intruder’s attack, punish him with a swift blow.

Armor Spider

Most of the Armor Spider’s attacks can be avoided by dodging towards her. This includes her frontal leg sweep and fireball attacks.

Be careful when the boss starts to charge its fire explosion move, indicated by a flaming mass radiating from her head. Run towards the entrance to avoid suffering massive fire damage.

Armor Spider Boss Guide

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