Demon's Souls Remake - Penetrator Archstone 1-4 Walkthrough

A complete walkthrough of the Penetrator Archstone 1-4 for Demon's Souls Remake. Included are an overview of the area, NPCs, treasure chest locatios, obtainable items, enemies, bosses, and world tendency events.

Demon's Souls Remake - Penetrator Archstone 1-4 Walkthrough

Penetrator Archstone 1-4


NPCs Biorr of the Twin Fangs, Ostrava of Boletaria
Enemies Penetrating Sword Black Phantom, Scraping Spear Black Phantom, White Bow Black Phantom, Black Phantom Ostrava, Boletaria Soldier, Fat Official, Imperial Spy, Red Eye Knight
Bosses Old King Allant


Part 1

1 Proceed along the hallway and take out the archers near the dragon’s corpse.
2 Move past the dragon’s corpse and get Storied Soldier’s Soul x from the dead bodies.
3 Take out the Crystal Lizard further along the corridor without drawing the attention of the three knights just ahead.
4 After killing the Crystal Lizard, try to lure the sword-wielding knight (Metas) and take him one-on-one. After killing him, get the Penetrating Sword from his corpse.
5 Kill the archer next to get White Bow and the spearman to get Tower Shield.
6 Move past the area and get Stone of Ephemeral Eyes to find a corpse in the narrow alley on your left. Backtrack and go through the alley on your right and take out another Crystal Lizard there.
7 Proceed further into the path and turn left and take on the Red Eye Knight. Try to lure him to a more open area to make it easier to dodge his attacks.
8 Move past the Red Eye Knight’s original location and follow the stairs going up. There are archers above but you should first lure a soldier down to the lower level and separate him from his allies before taking him on.
9 Go up the stairs and go further up to lure a Red Eye Knight this time to isolate him from help as well. Finally, go up the stairs again and kill archers now.
10 Follow the stairs up and through the door out into the walls of the castle. Watch the cutscene and wait for the dragon to burn the path and kill the enemy just ahead.
11 Afterwards, proceed along edge where the dragon started its flame-spewing path.
12 You can choose to take on the dragon by using magic or bows to deplete its health. It will go away when enough damage is dealt to it.
13 Proceed further to the other end of the path and defeat the enemy wielding an axe. Another strategy is to shoot the axe wielder and bait him into being attacked by the dragon.
14 Move past the archway and go up the stairs of the small room. Get Knight Sword and Knight Shield by going down the stairs to your left.
15 Afterwards, go up the stairs on the right and carefully come up to where the dragon is now perched. Biorr will help you by firing arrows behind one of the pillars if he did not die in the Penetrator fight.
16 You can use magic or arrows to take out more of his health or attack him from underneath just after he spews flames. You will get Large Flame-Scale Demon’s Soul after killing the dragon.
17 You can get the Brushwood Armor Set (Biorr’s armor) from his corpse if he dies during the encounter. Afterwards, continue up the stairs again.

Part 2

1 Follow the stairs and talk to Ostrava (if he is still alive) and get the Mausoleum Key.
2 Move further to reach a long bridge and defeat Black Phantom Ostrava on the other side by the door. When he is defeated, get Rune Sword and Rune Shield from him.
3 From here, it is recommended to return to the locked area near the catapults in Boletaria Castle and defeat the Red Eye Knight to open the mausoleum using the key you received from Ostrava.
4 Go inside and take on Old King Doran (note that you only need to weaken him to end the battle). You will obtain Demonbrandt as reward afterwards.
5 Return to the previous area where you defeated Black Phantom Ostrava and cross the bridge. Use the elevator on the other side to reach Old King Allant and defeat him.


Old King Doran

An easy way for mages to deal with Old King Doran is to use Poison Cloud over and over until he is defeated. For melee characters, be ready to dodge his powerful swings that can easily one-shot you if you have low health and defense. Warding gives you a bit more survivability against him, though avoid getting hit as much as possible by strafing and dodging to his side.

Old King Allant

Equipping the Eternal Warrior Ring helps you have enough stamina recovery to dodge King Allant’s attacks, especially his Soul Drain which lowers your soul level by one if it connects.

It is best to attack King Allant after he does his downward sword slash with both hands that sends out a wave in front of him. The wind up is very long, allowing you to simply strafe to his side and attack him before he can recover.

Baiting out his sword rush from a distance is also a viable tactic. The timing to avoid it is quite easy to grasp and gives you enough time to land two hits and back away again.

Old King Allant Boss Guide

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