Demon's Souls Remake - Armor Spider Archstone 2-2 Walkthrough

A complete walkthrough of the Armor Spider Archstone 2-2 for Demon's Souls Remake. Included are an overview of the area, NPCs, treasure chest locatios, obtainable items, enemies, bosses, and world tendency events

Demon's Souls Remake - Armor Spider Archstone 2-2 Walkthrough

Armor Spider Archstone


NPCs Filthy Man, Patches, the Hyena Scirvir, The Wanderer
Enemies Scale Miner, Fat Official, Bearbug, Large Bearbug, Giant Bearbug, Flying Bearbug, Rock Worm, Great Club Black Phantom
Bosses Flamelurker

World Tendency Events

White World Tendency

Location Details
Inside a cave. From the starting point, go forward past the miners and turn right. Destroy the crates to the right of the large pit and follow the path down to a large cave. Scirvir the Wanderer appears (body form). Talk to him with the Dragon Bone Smasher to get Pure Greystone. You can also get Ronin Ring by killing him. Requires Pure White World Tendency.

Black World Tendency

Location Details
Inside a cave. From the starting point, go forward past the miners and turn right. Destroy the crates to the right of the large pit and follow the path down to a large cave. Black Phantom Scirvir the Wanderer appears. Kill him to get Talisman of Beasts. Requires Pure Black World Tendency.
Path going up from the Filthy Man Black Phantom Bearbug appears.
In front of the tunnel going to the section with lava. Black Phantom Bearbug appears.
Section with lava. Black Phantom Bearbug appears.


Part 1

1 Go straight and cross the passage.
2 Use R3 to scan the miner and then take him out.
3 When the coast is clear, go through to find that the room widens.
4 Be wary of the exploding carts.
5 You can opt to follow the path left or proceed right to track down the fleeing enemy. Left is longer and safer compared to the right.
6 If you choose the left path, leap across platforms and look around for the Ring of Flame Resistance which will be useful later on.
7 If you chose the left path, approach the carts and then back away quickly to avoid the blast.
8 From the opposite side, check right and then take out the enemy using fire, use the pillar to block attacks in between the exchange until he goes down.
9 Search the nearby area for a lift and use it to reach the floor below.
10 Collect the Augite of Guidance from the corpse lying on the rail and then walk up to the door.
11 After reaching the fork, you can choose to use the elevator to go down another level or go through the hall.
12 If you get knocked out using the elevator route, you have to look for the valve is to the left of the enemy. Use it to get the elevator to take you down again.
13 If you went down through the elevator, you’ll have to choose from the following: you can track down the enemies that retreat to the corridor or you can go back and take the other route.
14 Option 1: Tracking down the enemies will involve fighting your way through a tough pair of enemies clad in red plates. Enchant your weapon with fire or use other fire weapons to get rid of them.
15 Follow the trail to catch up with the retreating enemies. After defeating them, return to the elevator and take the other route.
16 You’ll encounter the crossroads, head along the path going left.
17 Proceed with caution along the winding road and then lure the floating mines to detonate to get by unscathed.
18 You’ll eventually reach a T shaped intersection, dispatch the Miner on the left and then loot the items behind him.
19 Go right and follow the trail to reach a spot with more room.
20 If you chose to take the alternative route that’s near the entrance, roll over the first two stones to smash them and then quickly raise your shield to block the ambush.
21 Fall back for a few to gain back your stamina and then close in to finish him off.

Part 2

1 When you reach the spacious area, you’ll encounter the worm. Use anything but fire magic or close in and attack it with physical attacks.
2 More enemies will show up so take them out like you did before.
3 Search around and loot the corpses for Unknown Hero’s Soul.
4 Go down to the floor below and then follow the ledges to find more corpses lying around. Loot them.
5 Keep going through some ledges and fight your way through the beetles.
6 Continue along the inclined plank to reach an open area.
7 Look for a giant bearbug on the plank.
8 Go down the incline and speak to the NPC.
9 Approach the corpse he was talking about to find a Club.
10 Smash the rubble with attacks and then climb up the path.
11 Defeat the incoming worm and then take note of this area.
12 Go down to find the trapped bearbug and attack it. Fall back immediately to dodge the incoming blast.
13 Return and use your shield to deflect the area of effect.
14 When the coast is clear, speak to the NPC to receive a Ring of Flame Resistance.
15 Equip it and then head down the path to reach the spot where the NPC first stood.
16 Head down and strike the pair of bugbears and then roll away to dodge theirs. Repeat until they’re down.
17 Keep going up and then dispatch the worms with ranged attacks. You can also opt to jump down the opening to reach the path below.
18 You’ll eventually come across a curve, if you continue up you’ll reach a vendor.
19 When you’re done, follow the u-shaped path leading to a spot with a swarm of enemies.
20 Outrun them and follow the trail to reach the foot.
21 Go through the path covered in fog to reach the cave entrance.
22 Dodge the approaching giant bugbears.

Part 3

1 Head down the inclined path to reach a T -shaped path.
2 Go right and loot the Storied Soldier’s Soul from the corpse at the corner and then go back.
3 Keep going past the left side of the entrance.
4 Hug the left side and follow the path.
5 Lure the bearbug out of the way.
6 Follow the hall to reach the crossroads.
7 If you wish to collect materials, make a left and loot the Augite of Guidance from the skeleton.
8 Go through the next branch and then jump down.
9 Follow the path going left to reach another T-shaped path.
10 Make a left to pick up the Dragon Long Sword +1 and then head back to the fork.
11 Now, move forward and continue right following the trail back to the entrance.
12 After going down the bank, head left.
13 Defeat the bugbear blocking the way.
14 Keep at it until you reach another fork, head right and follow the path to find Stone of Ephemeral Eyes.
15 Go back and then continue left and continue straight to find the exit.
16 Jump down to the floor below.
17 Quickly roll out of the way to dodge the worms, you can opt to run past them.
18 Continue along the path until you reach another T-shaped path.
19 Make a right to reach a path covered in fog. Search both the left and the right sides for items.
20 If you wish, you can defeat some enemies to clear a path leading to the weapon Hands of God.
21 Go back to the fog and go through to face the boss.
22 Defeat Flamelurker (boss).


Dodge the enemies

The place is packed with many insect enemies and many times you’ll be facing swarms of them in one go. Instead of relying on brute force, simply dart past them to get by unscathed. Doing so helps you save up on recovery items.


Using equipment that grants good fire resistance allows you to mitigate damage from Flamelurker’s fireblasts. Good options include the Binded Cross armor set, Purple Flame Shield, and Ring of Flame Resistance.

Flamelurker Boss Guide

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