Demon's Souls Remake - Sparkly the Crow Trading Guide

A guide on Sparkly the Crow in Demon's Souls Remake. Included are basic information on Sparkly, her location, trading mechanics, useful information, and list of tradeable items and rewards.

Demon's Souls Remake - Sparkly the Crow Trading Guide

Sparkly the Crow Trading Guide

Who is Sparkly?

Sparkly is a unique NPC found in the Shrine of Storms that you can trade various items with. She will only accept “shiny” items as observed by her dialogue when spoken to.

Sparkly the Crow Location

Go to the Shrine of Storms and proceed to the tower that leads to a lone skeleton archer (and where the Compound Long Bow can be picked up). Look for the exit going out into the top of the cliffs. Follow the path up to find Sparkly’s nest above a tree.

How to Trade with Sparkly

1 Approach Sparkly’s nest and drop an item on the ground.
2 If Sparkly likes it, exit and reload your game or go to the Nexus and come back at a later time.  If Sparkly does not like it, pick up the item again (it will be lost forever if you leave the area without taking it back).
3 Pick up the new item to the right of the tree. Note that the item Sparkly gives will not disappear even if you leave the area.

Additional Information

  • Always trade one item at a time with Sparkly as only one of the items will be exchanged. The rest will disappear forever.
  • Each type of item can only be traded with Sparkly once. You cannot use her to farm certain items that she gives.
  • After trading all possible items with Sparkly, she will stop talking to you.

List of Tradeable Items

Item Given Item Received
Soul Remains White Arrow x10
Augite of Guidance White Arrow x10
Shard of Mercurystone Full Moon Grass x10
Chunk of Mercurystone New Moon Grass x10
Pure Mercurcystone Dark Moon Grass x10
Shard of Faintstone Shard of Archstone x5
Chunk of Faintstone Sticky White Stuff x10
Pure Faintstone Stone of Ephemeral Eyes x3
Jade Hair Ornament Regenerator’s Ring
Brass Telescope Fragrant Ring
Large Sword of Moonlight Ring of Devout Prayer
Phosphorescent Pole Ring of Magical Dullness
Silver Coronet Storied Hero’s Soul
Silver Bracelet Storied Hero’s Soul
Talisman of God Colorless Demon’s Soul
Gold Mask Colorless Demon’s Soul

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