Demon's Souls Remake - Blue Dragon Boss Guide


A guide on how to defeat Blue Dragon in Demon's Souls Remake. Included are the boss' stats, defenses, resistances, weaknesses, drops, location, and strategies to beat it.

Demon's Souls Remake - Blue Dragon Boss Guide

Blue Dragon Boss Guide


Normal 632
Slash 632
Blunt 632
Pierce 632
Magic 567
Fire 950
Poison Strong
Plague Strong
Bleed Strong
  • 26,830 Souls
  • Large Flame Scale Demon’s Soul


Blue Dragon is found at 1-4.


Achievement Trophy How to Unlock


Lure the Fat Official

A pair of Fat Officials stand along the battlements near the boss. One of the two is within range of getting incinerated but the other must been drawn to the dragon’s fire. Use the bow and fire a few arrows to lead the Fat Official to the Blue Dragon.

Use ranged attacks

Choose between using bows or casting spells. Your best bet is to focus on each wing. After causing enough damage, the Blue Dragon will move to another spot. Wait until the boss’ head bows low during the animation for the attack to hit its mouth.

Preparing for the next fight

Use Water Veil and Ring of Flame Resistance to mitigate the boss’ damage. Stock up on Full Moon Grass.

Look for vantage points

The boss covers the area starting from the left and then extends to the right. There’s a window for crossing to the other side, when he’s busy going from right to left, cross to the right. One of Biorr’s spots is on the stairs which you can also use to get some shots in without the risk of getting burned. You can opt to cross to reach the door ahead. Another spot is up top where the statues are. You can hide by the statue and get some hits.

Use Fire or weaken him with status

After reaching the spot, you’ll end up under the boss. Combine Fire Spray, Insanity Catalyst, and Ring of Magical Sharpness to finish him off. Alternatively, you can opt to rely on status conditions like plague or poison for a slow death.

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