Demon's Souls Remake - New Game Plus Guide

A guide on New Game Plus (NG+) in Demon's Souls Remake. Included are basic information on New Game Plus, changes, carry-over features, and things to do before defeating the final boss.

Demon's Souls Remake - New Game Plus Guide

New Game Plus

Please note that information here is for the original Demon’s Souls on the Playstation 3.We will update this page with information for Demon’s Souls Remake on the Playstation 5 when the game comes out.

After defeating the final boss of the game, you can start a new playthrough from the cleared save file to begin New Game Plus (NG+).  You will start from the beginning of the game while retaining your Soul Level, equipment, and items obtained from the previous run.

Changes in New Game Plus

Enemies encountered in New Game Plus, including bosses, are significantly stronger as they have more HP and can deal more damage per hit. They also drop more souls than on the previous playthrough.

New Game Plus can be cleared to begin yet another playthrough cycle which is commonly called New Game Plus +1 or NG+1. Enemies continue to get stronger and yield more souls than the previous playthrough up until NG+7 only.

Things to Do Before Defeating the Final Boss

Below are things that you should do before proceeding to the final boss area (Below the Nexus). Note that defeating the final boss automatically puts you on the path to the next game cycle so it is worth doing the tasks below before starting over from the beginning of the game.

1 Defeat all main story and optional bosses.
2 Get all Demon’s Souls.
3 Get Pure Faintstone.
4 Forge Northern Regalia
5 Upgrade main weapons and armor.
6 Clear Mephistopheles assassination quests.
7 Kill all NPCs to obtain their dropped items and souls.
8 Get all tradable items from Sparkly.

Carry-over Features

Below is a summary of features that carry-over to New Game Plus and subsequent playthrough cycles (as well as features that do not).

Carried Over Not Carried Over
  • Character soul level (stats)
  • Character tendency
  • World tendency
  • Souls
  • Consumable items
  • Upgrade stones
  • Weapons and shields
  • Armor
  • Rings
  • Spells and Miracles
  • Key items
  • Opened shortcuts and passageways
  • Side quest progress
  • NPC state (dead or vanished NPCs will return to their starting locations, invading NPCs will appear again)

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