Demon's Souls Remake - Rings List


List of rings in Demon's Souls Remake. Included are rings arranged according to alphabetical order, their names, stats, and locations.

Demon's Souls Remake - Rings List


Ring Effect Where to Obtain
Cat’s Ring Becomes immune to falling damage Leechmonger Archstone, Patches the Hyena (40000 souls)
Clever Rat’s Ring Boosts attack by 50% when falls below 30% Tower of Latria
Cling Ring Adds 40% to max HP in Soul Form Boletarian Palace
Dull Rat’s Ring Boosts defense by 50% when falls below 30% Tower of Latria
Eternal Warrior’s Ring Hastens stamina regen Old King Doran (Drop)
Foe’s Ring Boosts all damage by 20% during Black Phantom Mephistopheles (Defeat Yuria, the Witch)
Fragrant Ring Boosts MP over time Fool’s Idol Archstone, Sparkly the Crow (trade), Patches, the Hyena (60000 souls), Starts with it (Royalty)
Friend’s Ring Boosts all damage by 20% during Blue Phantom Monumental (Pure White Character Tendency)
Graverobber’s Ring Reduces detection Shrine of Storms, Graverobber Blige (Drop)
Master’s Ring Boosts Sweet Spot damage by 15% at the cost of reducing damage dealt Executioner Miralda (Drop), Flamelurker Archstone
Regenerator’s Ring Boosts HP over time Shrine of Storms, Leechmonger Archstone, Sparkly the Crow (trade)
Ring of Avarice Gains 20% more soul points Once Royal Mistress (50000 souls), Fool’s Idol Archstone
Ring of Devout Prayer Expands miracle slot Sparkly the Crow (trade), Selen Vinland (trade), Saint Urbain (Drop)
Ring of Disease Resistance Disease resistance x4 Armor Spider Archstone, Fool’s Idol Archstone
Ring of Flame Resistance Fire Resistance +40 Boletarian Palace, Patches, the Hyena (gift)
Ring of Gash Resistance Bleeding resistance x4 Phalanx Archstone, Patches, Adjudicator Archstone
Ring of Great Strength Raises equipment weight capacity by 0.5 Boletarian Palace, Biorr (Drop)
Ring of Herculean Strength Raises item weight capacity by 0.5 Stockpile Thomas, Defeat Stockpile Thomas
Ring of Longevity
Ring of Magical Dullness Boosts magic defense by 20% at the cost of lower magic damage Valley of Defilement, Sparkly the Crow (trade)
Ring of Magical Nature Expands magic slot by 1 Tower of Knight Archstone
Ring of Magical Sharpness Boosts magic attack by 20% at the cost of lower magic defense Tower of Latria
Ring of Poison Resistance Poison resistance x4 Boletarian Palace, Stonefang Tunnel
Ring of Sincere Prayer Miracle x0.5 and cast time x0.1 Dirty Colossus Archstone
Ring of the Accursed Draws more attention from enemies Tower Knight Archstone, Mephistopheles (Drop)
Ronin’s Ring Lowers weapon attrition rate Armor Spider Archstone, Adjudicator Archstone
Thief’s Ring Reduces detection Boletarian Palace

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