[Grand Theft Auto V / GTA V] Grand Theft Auto V’s Gorgeous Mods

Grand Theft Auto V’s Gorgeous Mod

While Grand Theft Auto V is selling well, it’s age is slowly coming out. Despite the brand power and the name carrying the sales, Grand Theft Auto V (or what fans call GTA V) is slowly losing out to the new AAA games. Despite the loss however, Grand Theft Auto V isn’t planning to drop any time soon. In fact, Grand Theft Auto V has just released a mod that remasters the environment that the player’s in.

The mod known as the NaturalVision Remastered Mod is a redone version of the environment’s textures. That includes the levels, the streets, the trees, and every single pixel in the game’s environment has undergone remastering.

Source: Youtube

When this mod went under development, Razed mentioned how it took the development team almost 1200 hours to construct the mod. Their main source of inspiration was the Southern California environment. They took note of the beaches, the sunsets, and the skies that loom over the state of South California.

Despite the game losing out on certain aspects, Razed revealed that GTA V is still raking in the money. The particular portion of GTA V includes the online portion. Grand Theft Auto V or what people also know as Grand Theft Auto Online reveal several aspects in the game which allows players to come in contact with each other. One is the multiplayer mode in which players can explore different areas in the open world of GTA. But with the new mod, who wouldn’t want to play this game? After going through 40 hours worth of live environment footage, Razed decides to bring that into the game of Grand Theft Auto V.

Despite not coming out with any new installments, fan say they don’t need any new installments for the game. With the mods that razed is bringing out, it adds a new form of entertainment for the Grand Theft Auto V fans.


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