[Grand Theft Auto V / GTA 5] Introduction to Stats and Skills

This article contains the Beginner's Guide for Stats and Attributes in Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5). It includes the Stats, and factors affected upon raising the corresponding Stat.

This article contains the Beginner’s Guide for Stats and Skills in Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5). It includes the Stats, and factors affected upon raising the corresponding Stat.

Introduction to Stats and Skills (Offline)

General Stats

The initial Stats of Characters in GTA 5 will vary depending on the expertise of the Character.


Measures the duration at which the Character can sustain running, swimming, cycling at maximum speed without compensating Health.


Gauges the Character’s physical power and endurance. When raised, it will amplify the Character’s melee damage, hasten ladder climbing, raise sporting agility, and lowers damage from impact.


Gauges the Character’s performance with handling firearms. Higher Shooting will affect the weapon’s performance. These include: minimizing recoil, reducing reload time, and raising ammo capacity.


Measures the ability to sneak past enemies without exposing one’s self. By raising this stat’s effectiveness, it will allow the character to pass through areas immediately while reducing sound.


Gauges the performance when handling vehicles. This stat will influence the propensity to perform wheelies on the ground, or the capacity to maintain control when airborne.


Refers to the performance when piloting from the aircraft’s cockpit. By improving this stat, the character will be able to lift off, skill on landing to the runway, and mastery of turbulence.

Lung Capacity

Similar to Stamina, it measures the ability without compensating for Health but focuses on performance underwater. Those with a higher lung capacity can remain submerged for longer periods of time.

Character Specific Skills

Character Specific Skills refer to individual abilities that influence the effectiveness of actions. This is indicated by the Yellow Gauge found at the bottom right of the Heads Up Display (HUD). The current charge of the gauge will depend on the character, with higher gauges resulting to longer Skill duration.


Endowed with the Marksman Skill, Michael is capable of reducing time to line up shots with more stability. His ability to execute Yoga allows him to obtain slightly higher stats each time.


Owing to his previous handling as a getaway driver, his Wheelman Skill grants him the ability to reduce time when behind the wheel. This enables him to amplify his control on the vehicle.


Through his exposure to drug dealing and its usage while arms-trading on the side, his Rampage Skill grants him higher strength when inflicting and sustaining attacks for a duration.

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