[Grand Theft Auto V / GTA 5] Parachuting Tips and Tricks

This article contains tips and tricks for winning in the Parachuting Freemode Mission in Grand Theft Auto V [GTA V].

Parachuting Tips and Tricks

Parachuting is when players leap off a plane and try to hit the check points before landing on the landmark. The closer the person is to the landing mark, the more points they gain. There are only 4 amounts of points: 0, 5, 10,  and 15. 0 points means that the player landed far away from the landing mark. 5 points is if the player landed at the edge of the landmark. 10 points means they’re close by and 15 is the maximum amount, meaning the player landed exactly at the center. In the mission mode menu, this is called Parachute Jumps.

In Parachuting, there are 8 players all making their way down. However, this particular match does not focus on how fast the person reaches there. It focuses more on how well the landing is performed.


Watch out where your landing

While flying in the air, toggle the left and right buttons to dodge incoming infrastructures. If the player hits infrastructures and begins to free-fall, the player is considered disqualified. Infrastructures can also be quite annoying as some of them may even block the checkpoints that the player intends to descend through. Thus, watch out for where one is landing. Players can control their landing using the joystick. Pushing the joystick forward in whatever direction can control the trajectory of the landing as the player makes their way to the check point.

Examine the surroundings

While parachuting, players want a smooth fall. Having a clean fall means having no obstacles in the way and at the same time, not constantly wriggling around mid-air to mess up the accuracy of the drop.

Don’t race

This is probably one of the most common mistakes. In Parachuting, it doesn’t matter how fast the player gets there. This particular game mode is a game of accuracy and precision rather than speed. So instead, some players would opt to float slowly down to control their trajectory. Speeding up may cause problems such as hitting themselves against obstacles and other players. This then results to disqualification, losing the money that the player could have possibly earned.

Don’t immediately land in the center

In the character’s animation, the player will notice that there’s a bit of staggering when the player lands. While this happens, the game considers the character as “flying” and not yet landed. The staggering will move the player a few inches or a few centimeters, causing the player some valuable points. Thus, land somewhere that’s nearest to the center instead of falling into the center exactly.

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