[Grand Theft Auto V / GTA 5] Top Ten Mods

This page contains the top ten mods in GTA V that includes Iron Man mods, gravity guns and force fields to the actual map editing of the game.

Grand Theft Auto V Top Ten Mods

Iron Man

Have you ever been a fan of the marvel series, Iron Man? Did you ever dreamed of being Tony Stark, the owner of the Iron Man suit that enables him to fly through the skies equipped with state-of-the-art technology and weaponry? Well the Iron Man mod might just be the one you’re looking for! When activated, your character will be able to equip the iron suit that you always wanted to try on. Congrats, you’re now an official flying mobile tank that can wreak havoc as you please.

Gravity Gun

Ever saw one of those superheroes who can manipulate gravity at will? Ever wanted to find out? Then the Gravity Gun mod is just the right mod for you. You can actually float the vehicles up in the air by holding your shoot hotkey, then blast them away at will by releasing your finger. You can now throw vehicles at every direction you please.

Force Field

Are you the introvert type kind of guy? Did you ever wanted your own personal space but never had the chance to as your parents or friends just can’t understand that you just want a little space all to your self? If only you had a force field that literally shoves back everyone away. Well, it turns out, you can! The Force Field mod gives you or the vehicle you’re currently riding inside a force field that blocks everything around your surrounding. Guess you now have your actual space.

Shark-O-Matic Gun

Shaarrkksss! Are you a fan of shark-week on discovery channel?  Or are you just a regular old fan of the massive predator lurking the ocean that can hunt prey from just a single drop of blood from miles away? Well, what if I tell you that you can actually shoot those beautiful beasts right from the barrel of your gun? The Shark-O-Matic Gun has SHARKS for bullets. You shoot people, with sharks, then the sharks eat them alive. A gruesome way to die you say? Well, it’s your fault for messing with my shark gun.


Want dragons as your new ride? Wanna take the skies and murder everyone with your reptilian friend that breathes fire at will? Wanna face tanks and obliterate them by your fancy dragon and still make it for tea in the afternoon? Then go for the Dragon mod. The mod actually gives you a dragon to ride on and terrorize the city of GTA as you mercilessly set ablaze everything in your path.

Vice City

Remember the nostalgia for the earlier version of the game when the setting was in Vice City? Ever wanted to revisit the city and bask yourself with nostalgia as you re-live the days where the internet wasn’t as rampant as it is today, where mobile was just meant for communication and where you were playing this game in your Playstation 2. There is an actual mod that allows you to enjoy all the sights of vice city in all its glory with the same design in its vivid colors.

Incredible Hulk

Not a fan of Iron Man? Not a fan of what modern technology brings and the advancement of mankind as a whole? Are you more of the basically destroy everything in your path with your fists kind of guy? Also, do you like the color green? The Incredible Hulk allows you to do all of that, and he’s green! Hulk can SMASH! everything in his path with utter ease making your weapons quite useless if you ask me. So if you’re ever using hulk, just drop the formalities and destroy everyone.

Poké Ball

Do you wanna be the very best that there ever was? Do you wanna catch everyone and make them as your own poke-human that will fight for your life with friendship and trust as the core values of your companionship? The Poke Ball mod allows you to capture humans as your personal poke-humans that will fight at your will. Disclosure, they don’t have any special abilities. Also, you gotta beat them up a little so you can actually catch them with your poke balls. But besdies that, they’re pretty loyal poke-humans that you can use at your disposal.


Don’t like sharks as your ammo? What about vehicles out of cannons? Vehannon, vehicles that come out of cannons do just that. They shoot out vehicles at great velocities to your unsuspecting victims. Four-wheels, eight-wheels, sixteen, you name it, the vehannon has it. Just don’t forget to set it on drive.

Map Editor

Not satisfied with the current design of grand theft auto? Why not change it yourself? Add some cars here and there. The parking lot behind that tree over there. Your ex-wife under the bridge. You name it. You can change every setting as you please complete with the homeless man being not so homeless anymore with the Map Editor guide.


This is just the author’s take on the top ten mods, so feel free to write anything that you think was worth mentioning to belong in the top ten mods below in our comment section!

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