A Complete Guide in Finishing the Story [Pokémon Sun and Moon]

A guide to completing the story in Pokemon Sun and Moon

Melemele Island

Route 1 and Hau’oli City

  • After the cutscene, head to the front door and meet Professor Kukui
  • Take the hat and the bag out of the cardboard box in your room
  • Follow Professor Kukui and head to Lily Town

Iki Town and Mahalo Mountain Path

  • Head north and look for the Island Kahuna
  • Follow Lillie and go to the Mahalo Mountain Path
  • Help the Pokemon on the bridge
  • Go to Iki Town with Lillie

Iki Town

  • A cutscene will occur involving Professor Kukui
  • Receive your first Pokemon from Hala
  • Receive the Pokedex and a trainer’s pass from the professor
  • Hau challenges you to a Pokemon battle
  • Give the Sparkling Stone to Hala
  • Head home

Route 1 and Hau’oli City

  • On the next day, follow Professor Kukui to Route 1
  • Professor Kukui will teach you how to catch Pokemon

Iki Town

  • Play at the Poke Festival with Hau
  • Receive a Z Ring from Hala
  • Head home

Route 1 and Hau’oli City

  • On the next day, Lillie comes over to your house
  • Go to the Pokemon Research Institute with Lillie

Hau’oli City

  • Talk to Professor Kukui and he will upgrade your Pokedex to Rotom Dex
  • Go with Lillie to the Trainer’s School
  • Head to the Pokemon Center and Lillie will give a tutorial on how to heal your Pokemon

Trainer’s School

  • In front of the school, talk to Professor Kukui and he will give you Exp. Share
  • Battle the four students inside the school
  • Defeat the teacher to finish the lesson in the school

Route 1 and Hau’oli City

  • Approach the Tauros blocking your path and try to calm the Pokemon down

Hau’oli City

  • Talk to Hau at the Tourist Information Center to receive the Poke Finder
  • Buy goods in the Boutique with Lillie
  • Talk to the people in the town to hear the story about Team Skull
  • Hau will explain the use of Malasada, a delicacy in Alola
  • Head to the port and talk to Ilima after a cutscene involving some Team Skull Grunts
  • Defeat Ilima in a Pokemon battle
  • Check the Taoros blocking your way to Route 2 to open the path

Route 2 and Ghost Garden

  • The path to the Ghost Garden is blocked by a Delibird
  • Defeat the Team Skull Grunts that will appear after the cutscene
  • Meet Hau in front of the Pokemon Center
  • Go to Verdant Cavern
  • Meet Ilima at Verdant Cavern and head inside.

Verdant Cavern

  • Finish the trial (Note: There are some Team Skull Grunts on the way, so be careful)
  • Head back to Route 2

Route 2 and Route 3

  • Talk to Ilima and the path will be opened
  • Professor Kukui will give a tutorial about Z-Moves
  • Look for Lillie on Route 3
  • Head to Melemele Garden

Melemele’s Mysterious Entity

  • Once you find Lillie, you need to protect Cosmog
  • Head back to Iki Town afterwards

Iki Town

  • Meet Lillie and Professor Kukui
  • The Grand Trial of Melemele Island starts. Battle Kahuna Hala
  • Go to the port area of Hau’oli City

Hau’oli City

  • Head to Kantai City in Akala Island with Professor Kukui

Akara Island

Kantai City and Route 4

  • Meet Olivia and Mallow
  • Talk to Lillie in front of the Boutique
  • Sina and Dexio will challenge you to a battle at the Tide Song Hotel
  • Pass through Route 4 and head towards Ohana Town

Ohana Town

  • Hau appears and challenges you to a battle
  • Go to Ohana Ranch

Ohana Ranch and Route 5

  • Talk to Mallow at MooMoo Square
  • Mallow will give you a Stoutland as a Poke Ride
  • Advance to Route 5 and battle Gladion
  • Go to Brooklet Hill

Brooklet Hill

  • Talk to Lana, follow her to Brooklet Hill
  • Lana will give you a Lapras as a Poke Ride
  • Use Lapras to make your way through Brooklet Hill
  • The trial will commence once you reach Lana at the end of Brooklet Hill
  • You will receive a fishing rod as a reward for completing the trial

Ohana Ranch

  • The Sudowoodo blocking the path will leave so you can now advance to Route 6
  • Head to Route 6

Route 6

  • Follow Gladion towards the Royal Dome
  • A man named Royal Mask will explain the mechanics of Battle Royal
  • You, Royal Mask, Hau, and Gladion will participate in a Battle Royal
  • Kiawe appears and heads to Vera Volcano Park after the battle ends
  • Go to Route 7 to reach Vera Volcano Park

Vera Volcano Park

  • Head to the summit
  • Kiawe’s trial begins
  • Return to Route 7

Route 7 and Route 8

  • Show the Firium Z that you’ve won in the trial at the gate to proceed to Route 8
  • You will meet Colress when proceeding through Route 8
  • You may proceed to the Shade Jungle through Route 5

Shade Jungle

  • Mallow’s trial begins
  • Head to Kantai City through Route 5 after the trial

Kantai City

  • Join Lillie at the entrance of the Space Laboratory
  • Go to the 3rd floor and meet Dr. Burnett
  • Before going down, talk to Professor Kukui, and then head to the Grand Trial.
  • Go to Diglett’s Tunnel

Diglett’s Tunnel and Route 9

  • Meet Olivia near the entrance
  • You will be accompanied by a member of the Aether Foundation once you go inside the cave
  • Battle against a Team Skull Grunt with Hau
  • Head to Conico City

Conico City

  • Go to Olivia’s Jewelry Shop
  • Head to Memorial Hill through Route 9

Memorial Hill and Akala Island Edge

  • Go to Akala Island Edge through Memorial Hill
  • A battle with Team Skull commences
  • Plumeria appears and challenges you to a battle
  • Go to Life Ruins

Life Ruins

  • Meet Dr. Burnett and Lillie at the entrance
  • The Grand Trial of Akala Island begins. Defeat Olivia in a Pokemon battle.
  • Go to Kantai City

Kantai City and Hano Hano Resort

  • Go to Hano Hano Resort
  • Talk to Faba in the lobby
  • Head to Aether Paradise

Aether Paradise

  • Talk to Faba and Wicke
  • Talk to Lusamine in the Reserve
  • Lusamine will arrange the ship to Ula’ula Isaland
  • Go to Ula’ula Island

Ula’ula Island

Malie City

  • A battle against Hau will commence once you arrive
  • Go to Malie Garden

Malie Garden

  • Enter the garden and meet Hau
  • Meet Professor Kukui at the tea house
  • Go back to Malie City

Malie City

  • Meet Lillie
  • Follow Lillie and meet the Alolan version of Professor Oak
  • Meet Lillie in front of Malie Library
  • Go to the 2nd floor of the library and read a book about the Legendary Pokemon in the Alola region
  • Go to Route 10

Route 10

  • Battle the Team Skull Grunt in front of the bus stop
  • Professor Kukui appears. Go to Hokulani Mountain via a bus.

Hokulani Mountain

  • A battle against Molayne, the Obsevatory Chief, will commence
  • Follow Molayne into the Hokulani Observatory

Hokulani Observatory

  • Meet Sophocles. Sophocles’ trial begins.
  • Receive Okido’s Mask from Molayne
  • Go to Professor Kukui who is in Malie Garden

Malie Garden

  • Once you find Professor Kukui, a battle against Guzma will begin
  • Give Okido’s Mask to Professor Kukui
  • Head to Route 12

Route 12 and Route 13

  • The gate blocking Route 12 is now open
  • Meet Hapu and receive the Mudsdale Poke Ride
  • Once you get to Route 13, Hau and Gladion will appear and a cutscene will begin
  • Head to Tapu Village

Tapu Village

  • Meet Hau and he will tell you the location of a trial captain
  • Go to Route 15

Route 15

  • Go to the Aether House, once inside, a battle against a Preschooler will start
  • Head outside the Aether House, a battle against a Team Skull member begins
  • Talk to Acerola and go to the location where the trial will commence
  • Pass through Route 14 and go to the Thrifty Megamart

Thrifty Megamart

  • Acerola’s trial begins
  • Once the trial is over, go to Route 15

Route 15, Route 16, and Ula’ula Meadow

  • Fight Plumeria in front of the Aether House
  • Talk to Grimsley and he will give you a Sharpedo Poke Ride
  • Pass through Route 16 and go to Ula’ula Meadow
  • After making it through Ula’ula Meadow, head to Route 17

Route 17 and Po Town

  • At the entrance of Po Town, a battle against a Team Skull Grunt will commence
  • The mysterious man will open the door to Po Town
  • Pass through the holes hidden around the location and battle Team Skull members
  • Go to the suspicious mansion

Suspicious Mansion

  • Look for the three passwords around the mansion
  • Battle Guzma at the leader’s room
  • Once you’re outside the mansion, the mysterious man appears at the entrance. Meet Acerola once the cutscene ends.
  • Head to Route 15

Route 15

  • Go inside the Aether House and talk to Hau
  • Gladion will appear and challenges you to a battle
  • You will be transported to the ferry terminal in Malie City

Malie City

  • The mysterious man named Nanu appears and the Grand Trial begins. Defeat Nanu in a Pokemon battle.
  • Head to Aether Paradise with Hau and Gladion

Aether Paradise

  • Head to the basement and use the central elevator to go to the 1st floor
  • Faba will challenge you to a battle
  • Battle 3 staff members of the Aether Foundation in the 1st floor
  • Follow Gladion outside the building and battle Team Skull members
  • Fight Guzma in front of Lusamine’s house
  • Enter Lusamine’s house and head to the Collection Room
  • Lusamine will challenge you to a Pokemon battle
  • Leave the building and join Lillie
  • Head to the Sea Village in Poni Island

Poni Island

Poni Wilds, Sea Village, and Poni Ruins

  • Proceed through Sea Village and Poni Wilds to get to Poni Ruins
  • Meet Hapu in her house
  • Receive the Machamp Poke Ride from Hapu’s grandmother
  • Go to Poni Ruins

Poni Breaker Coast, Poni Ruins, and Sea Village

  • Join Lillie
  • A cutscene occurs. Hapu becomes the Kahuna of Poni Island
  • Go to Sea Village
  • Talk to the head of the village and proceed to Exeggutor Island

Exeggutor Island

  • Defeat the Exeggutor
  • At the end of Exeggutor Island, you will find a Sun Whistle (for Pokemon Sun) or a Moon Whistle (for Pokemon Moon)
  • Via the Sea Village, head to Poni Ruins

Poni Ruins and Great Canyon of Poni Island

  • A battle against Team Skull will commence once you reach the entrance of the canyon
  • Hapu’s Grand Trial begins. Defeat Hapu in a Pokemon battle.
  • Proceed further into the canyon and solve the puzzle
  • Defeat the Totem Kommo-o
  • Head to the altar and call Sogaleo/Lunala using the whistle. Proceed to the Ultra Dimension.

Ultra Dimension

  • Reach the end of the Ultra Dimension and defeat Lusamine
  • Escape from the Ultra Dimension and catch Solgaleo/Lunala
  • Talk to Nanu and he will transport you to Tapu Village. Defeat Gladion in a Pokemon battle.

Pokemon League

Lanakila Mountain

  • Take the elevator which Gladion also used
  • Defeat Hau at the second elevator
  • Enter the Pokemon League and battle the Elite Four
  • Once the Elite Four are defeated, proceed to the last room and battle the Champion, Professor Kukui

Hall of Fame

  • You can catch Tapu Koko before the ending

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