Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne HD Remaster - Demon Evolution Guide

A guide on how to evovle demons in Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne HD Remaster (SMT 3: Nocturne HD Remaster). Included are basic mechanics on demon evolution, required conditions and level, effects, and list of all demons that can evolve.

Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne HD Remaster - Demon Evolution

Demon Evolution

Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne HD Remaster - Demon Stats

Demons can change into new versions of themselves through Demon Evolution. This allows the demon to gain an increase in level and stats, have its skills carried over on top of learning new ones, and sometimes gain better affinities form its previous form.

While fusion is a viable option to acquire certain types of demons in the game, some of them can only be obtained through evolution.

How to Evolve Demons

A demon can evolve only after it has learned all of its skills in its current form by leveling up. The Demi-fiend’s level must also be at least 4 levels below the evolved form of the demon. When a demon is nearing its evolution, you will get an indication that the demon is showing “signs of change.” This usually occurs within 3 levels before the demons will actually be able to evolve.

Fast Leveling Guide

You can choose to allow a demon to evolve or not. Keep this in mind if you intend to use certain demons for fusion or intend to keep a demon’s specific spread of skills, stats, and affinities in its current form.

Neutral Demons

Neutral Demons are evolved demons that can also be found in various dungeons during random encounters. These can be recruited through demon negotiation.

Demon Negotiation Guide

Story Evolution Demons

Certain evolved forms of demons also appear as bosses during certain parts of the main story. In these cases, you can only evolve a demon its higher form after defeating it in battle.

Use Divine Water to Check if a Demon Can Evolve

Note that not all demons can evolve. To check whether it can, use Divine Water (which can be purchased from Junk Shops). Since you will need to spend money this way just to check if a demon can evolve, just use the table below to know demons that can. Otherwise, save before using Divine Water on a demon and reload your file afterwards.

List of Demons that Can Evolve

Regular Evolution Demons

Demon Race Req. Lv. Evolution Race
Inugami Beast 22 Makami Avatar
Nozuchi Snake 24 Gui Xian Dragon
Nekomata Beast 28 Holy Senri
Karasu Yoma 38 Kurama Genma
Momunofu Brute 30 Arahabaki Vile
Dis Yoma 33 Valkyrie Wargod
Mizuchi Snake 44 Long Dragon
Onkot Yoma 46 Hanuman Genma
Hanuman Genma 54 Wu Kong Fury
Setanta Fairy 52 Cu Chulainn Genma
Sati Megami 57 Parvati Lady
Purski Yoma 58 Ganesha Wargod
Sparna Beast 63 Garuda Avian

Neutral Demons

Demon Race Req. Lv. Evolution Race
Pixie Fairy 10 High Pixie Fair
High Pixie Fairy 56 Queen Mab Night
Lilim Night 80 Lilith Night
Koppa Yoma 28 Karasu Yoma
Naga Snake 37 Raja Naga Snake
Jinn Yoma 52 Efreet Yoma

Story Evolution Demons

Demon Race Req. Lv. Evolution Race
Gogmagog Jirae 64 Albion Entity
Throne Divine 73 Uriel Seraph
Scathach Megami 74 Skadi Lady
Abaddon Tyrant 77 Aciel Tyrant
Beelzebub (Human) Tyrant 95 Beelzebub (Fly) Tyrant

Demonic Compendium

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