Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne HD Remaster - Mifunashiro and Yurakucho Station Walkthrough

A complete walkthrough part 11 and strategy guide for Mifunashiro and Yurakucho Station in Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne HD Remaster (SMT 3: Nocturne). Included is a list of recruitable demons, normal and boss enemies, obtainable items, and maps.

Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne HD Remaster - Mifunashiro and Yurakucho Station Walkthrough Part 9

Walkthrough Part 11 in Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne HD Remaster

Here is our Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne HD Remaster main story walkthrough and guide for Amala Temple. Included is a list of recruitable demons, normal and boss enemies, obtainable items, and maps.

Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne HD Remaster Walkthroughs


Areas Mifunashiro, Yurakucho Station
Recommended Level
Bosses Futomimi (Yosuga Reason Flag Raise), Uriel, Gabriel, Raphael, Trumpeter

All Trophies and Achievements


Here is a list of characters covered and interacted in this walkthrough:

All Characters

Character Location
Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne: HD Remaster - Protagonist Demi-fiend Main CharacterProtagonist All Locations
Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne: HD Remaster - Chiaki TachibanaChiaki Tachibana Mifunashiro


Here is a list of Magatamas accessible in this walkthrough:

All Magatamas

Magatama Level Alignment Weakness
Gundari 64 Dark Electric


Here is a list of enemies encountered in this walkthrough:

Demonic Compendium

Mifunsahiro  Normal Enemies

Enemy Level Demon Race Weakness
Shikigami 4 Brute Fire
Sudama 13 Jirae Fire
Power 33 Divine Death
Sarutahiko 35 Jirae None
Virtue 41 Divine Force, Death
Titan 49 Jirae Electric
Dominion 50 Divine Death, Curse
Shiki-Ouji 54 Brute Fire
Gogmagog 55 Brute Fire
Manikin ? Corpus None

Mifunashiro Boss Enemies

Enemy Level Demon Race Weakness
Futomimi 57 Corpus None
Gabriel 69 Seraph None
Uriel 69 Seraph None
Raphael 69 Seraph None

Yurakucho Station Normal Enemies

Enemy Level Demon Race Weakness
Shikigami 4 Brute Fire
Ose 45 Fallen None
Kaiwan 47 Night Expel
Titan 49 Jirae Electric
Ifrit 52 Yoma Ice
Dakini 52 Femme Ice
Loki 52 Tyrant None
Loa 53 Night Expel
Shiki-Ouji 54 Brute Fire
Quetzalcoatl 55 Snake Electric
Cerberus 61 Beast Ice
Vetala 63 Haunt Electric, Expel

Yurakucho Boss Enemies

Enemy Level Demon Race Weakness
Trumpeter 77 Fiend None


Mifunashiro Walkthrough

1 Walk north until you come to a fork and take the path down. Get Magic Mirror and backtrack one level. Afterwards, go north and through the door.
2 Go down the ladder and move south then west. Use the terminal in the next area if you want. Afterwards, go north to the door. Descend the stairs to find Life Stone x2. Before moving away from the ladder, get the Mystical Chest nearby.
3 Take the south exit and watch the cutscene. Move ahead toward another fork and go west. Get medicine from the manikin there and backtrack to the fork. This time, go east and through the door. Approach the light for a cutscene.
4 Your answer to Chiaki’s question will affect your reason.

Mifunashiro Dialogue Choices

Conversation with Chiaki

Dialogue Choice Dialogue Choice Impact
First Choice Yosuga Reason ↑
Second Choice None

Mifunashiro Walkthrough

1 If you progressed through the Yosuga Reason and raised the ending flag, you will battle Futomimi.
2 Not raising the Yosuga Reason ending flag will pit you against Gabriel, Uriel, and Raphael.

Defeat Futomimi

1 Futomimi voids expel, death, and ailment skills, and resists physical attacks.
2 Equip Kamudo on your character to gain resistance against Futomimi’s physical attacks.
3 Magic will be your primary means of damaging Futomimi.
4 When Futomimi uses War Cry (two-level power decrease on your party), cast Dekunda to remove its effects.
5 Use Sukunda to reduce Futomimi’s agility since the boss does not have means to remove these.

Defeat Gabriel, Uriel, and Raphael

1 All three bosses repel expel and death, void status ailment skills, and resist magic attacks.
2 To nullify Gabriel’s Radiance attack, equip Ankh on your character.
3 It is also recommended to avoid having demon allies in your party that are weak to expel.
4 None of the angels have the means to remove debuffs so using skills like Fog Breath and War Cry as much will help in the fight.
5 Use Tarukaja and pummel the bosses with physical attacks.

Yurakucho Station Walkthrough

1 Trumpeter will appear in Yurakucho Station if you have defeated the Candelabrum bearers in the previous areas visited.
2 Prepare to battle Trumpeter.

Defeat Trumpeter

1 Trumpeter voids expel, death, magic, mind, and nerve skills.
2 Trumpeter will use Holy Melody to fully restore the HP of the character with the lowest HP. He can also use Evil Melody to instantly kill the character with the lowest HP. Note that both skills can target either anyone from your  party or himself.
3 Trumpeter will begin the fight by using Holy Melody. After 4 turns, he will cast Evil Melody. Trumpeter will then cycle between Holy Melody and Evil melody after every 4 turns.
4 It is recommended to have a party with two physical attack demons with access to debuffs and one demon focused on recovery skills.
5 Immediately at the start of battle cast debuffs like Fog Breath (twice) and Rakunda as many times as possible.
6 Avoid using Makarakarn as Trumpeter will always throw out Megidola on your party.
7 One of your priorities is to make sure that your character is not the one with the lowest HP at any point during the fight. Use Dia and Diarama instead of Diarama to better manage the HP of your character and the support demon.
8 Pummel Trumpeter with strong physical attacks like Brutal Slash and Berserk to whittle away at his HP. One of the best choices for this role is Seiten Taisei so you him if you have him.
9 Have your support demon focus on healing your character throughout the fight.
10 Having demons with Endure is also very helpful when up against Trumpeter as it allows them to survive Evil Melody once during the battle.

Yurakucho Station Walkthrough

1 You will get the Candelabrum of Godliness after defeating Trumpeter.
2 Take the stairs down that goes east. Get Medicine, Bead, and Muscle Drink from the chest there (feel free to defeat the demon that appears in the chest to the south).
3 Backtrack up the stairs and head to the stairs to the west. Move toward the tracks to the north and follow it as it turns east to an opening.
4 Talk to the spirit to trade one of your demons in exchange for him digging up some treasure. The spirit will finish digging in not more than 10 moon phases. The items that he will offer you are Sapphire, Kimon Stone, Great Chakra, and 10,000 Macca. You will only be able to choose two from the four. Be sure to avoid picking Kimon Stone as you will get it anyway.
5 Backtrack to the east and follow the tracks to the south as it turns west. Go through the opening to reach an intersection. A save terminal can be found by going east so use it if you need to.
6 Afterwards, take the path going south at the intersection and follow it down the slope before turning west to get Life Stone x2.
7 Backtrack to the ladder and go up again to the intersection. Move south and east to the ladder and go down.
8 Go out of the room. You will then come to another forked path. From here, walk to the door to the north. Go down the slope and enter the room to get Bead.
9 Exit the room and move to the door to the north. When you come to the ladder, go down to reach the next area with a save terminal. Use it if you need to and leave the terminal. From there, move north and enter the door.
10 Move further until you come to a forked path and take the path going north. Follow it down the slope and walk south through another door. You can choose to open the Cache Cube there to battle an enemy. Afterwards, continue following the path to find Soma Droplet before entering the door just ahead.
11 In the next area, go north and go up the two sets of ladders leading back up. Exit through the door afterwards.
12 Head to another intersection and take the path going south. When you come to another intersection, take the path going west. Go north and south at two more intersections respectively.
13 Go down the slope to find a Mystical Chest. When you try to head west, you will drop to the area below.
14 In the next area, enter the door to the west and move forward to find a Mystical Chest in the room to the north.
15 Go back outside and continue following the path going west. Go up again by taking the two sets of ladders before moving south. Climb up another ladder and press on forward to find a forked path.
16 Take the one to the south to find a save terminal. Afterwards, walk north to find another ladder you can climb up to. Do so and head south to return to the station platform and back at the main entrance.
17 A Mystical Chest can be found if you walk south coming from the exit.
18 Back at the 2D map, get Life Stone x5 by turning south. Afterwards, travel to Asakusa exit west and to the station southwest. Enter the Temple of Ueno to the north and defeat Bishamonten to get Gundari (Magatama).

Defeat Bishamonten

1 Bishamonten repels fire, voids expel, death, and ailment attacks but is weak to ice.
2 When the battle starts, cast Fog Breath to reduce Bishamonten’s agility and hit rate. Feel free to use other buffs (like Sukukaja) and debuffs since the boss has no means of dispelling them.
3 Take advantage of Bishamonten’s weakness to ice by throwing out skills, especially Absolute Zero.
4 When Bishamonten’s HP is low, he will use Focus and Hassohappha. This combo should not be a problem if you have been stacking debuffs on him (Fog Breath twice) and Sukukuja throughout the fight.

Yurakucho Tunnel – Tokyo Diet Building

1 Exit Yurakucho Tunnel and move north.
2 Enter the Tokyo Diet Building.

Item Locations

Below are the in-game locations of the obtainable items in this walkthrough:

Amala Temple Item Locations

In-Game Location Item and Location
Mifunashiro Layer 1A Magic Mirror
Mifunashiro Layer 3A Life Stone x2
Yurakucho Station B2F Muscle Drink
Magic Mirror (forced battle against Loa x4)
Yurakucho Station B5F Bead
Chakra Pot
Yurakucho Station B5F (2) Ikudama
Agility Incense
Yurakucho Station B6F Megido Rock (forced battle against Cerberus x1, Loa x2)
Soma Droplet

Item Location Maps

Here are the different areas that you will explore for this walkthrough. Items are also marked on each map:


Symbol Meaning
Red Mark or Icon Stairs
Blue Mark or Icon Floating Cubes or NPC to each item
Green Mark or Icon Key Points
Orange Mark or Icon Trap Objects
Purple Mark or Icon Loop Points

Coming Soon

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