NieR Replicant Remaster Ver.1.22474487139 - The Lost Shrine Walkthrough

Main story walkthrough for The Lost Shrine in Nier Replicant Remaster Ver. 1.22474487139. Included are areas visited in the remake, enemies, bosses, obtainable items, weapons, magic, materials, and strategy to clear it.

NieR Replicant Remaster - The Lost Shrine Walkthrough

The Lost Shrine Main Story Walkthrough

NieR Replicant Remaster - The Lost Shrine Walkthrough


Areas Eastern Road, Lost Shrine
Enemies Shades
Bosses Hansel and Gretel

Main Story Walkthroughs

Obtainable Items

Item Location
Lost Shrine Map Inside a box on small platform just before going up to the second floor.
Bronze Key At the end of the open doorway path (next to the locked door) on the second floor.
Nirvana Dagger Inside a box up the ladder on the way to the third floor.


Eastern Road

1 Follow the Eastern Road and take the left route that goes up the mountain.
2 Gather some items from the harvest points along the way.
3 As you come through the valley, you will see a ladder that you can climb to your right. Follow the path going to the bridge.
4 Cross the bridge and enter the Lost Shrine.

Lost Shrine

1 Go up the circular staircase.
2 Jut before you head to the second floor, get the Lost Shrine Map from the wooden box on a small platform (middle of the stairs).
3 Make your way to the outer section of the area. Check the box in front of the locked door to get medicine.
4 Follow the path all the way to the end through the open doorway this time to find the Bronze Key.
5 Backtrack to the locked door and open it using the key.
6 Enter the room and take out the shades that appear as you make your way further to a ladder.
7 Go up the ladder to get up on the platform. Get Nirvana Dagger by breaking the box there.
8 Keep going up the next platform to the third floor.
9 From here, take the outer section of the area while defeating more shades that appear.
10 Go outside through the large door at the end of the path.
11 Use the platforms to get to the roof and head to the path on the right to find a large blue block.
12 Move the block toward the broken ladder and use it to reach the platform above.
13 Follow the path to reach a save point and use it if you need to.
14 Go through the large door and watch the cutscene. Shades will appear afterwards.
15 Examine the red emblem and hit attack it with a charged attack.
16 Watch the cutscene.
17 Talk to Grimoire Weiss and select “Yes.”
18 Battle the shades and you will eventually learn Dark Blast.
19 After defeating the shades, prepare to battle Hansel and Gretel (boss).
20 Use Dark Lance on one of the bosses to defeat them and focus on the other one.
21 Defeat the shades that appear and use Dark Lance on the remaining boss.
22 Take Yonah home.


Hansel and Gretel

A good strategy against Hansel and Gretel is to get behind them and attack using your melee weapon. You can also use Dark Blast from a distance, giving you some space to react to their charged attacks. Be sure to focus on the boss that does not have a shield around them as you will not be able to deal damage to the one that has it up.

Hansel and Gretel Boss Guide

Once the attack gauge appears for the first time, use Dark Blast on the boss to trigger a cutscene. You will then learn Dark Lance, another Sealed Verse attack to finish off one of the bosses. Repeat the process on the remaining boss to end the fight.

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