Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne HD Remaster - Demon Negotiation Guide

A guide on demon negotiation in Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne HD Remaster (SMT 3: Nocturne HD Remaster). Included are basic information on demon conversations, benefits, obtainable items, demon recruitment, method to negotiate with demons, conditions, types of conversations, and demon-to-demon negotiation.

Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne HD Remaster - Demon Negotiation Guide

Demon Negotiation Guide

What is Demon Negotiation?

Demon Negotiation is the process of talking to an enemy demon during battle. It can be done by the Protagonist or demon allies and has a number of useful effects if the process succeeds.

Benefits of Demon Negotiation

1 Recruit demons found in dungeons.
2 Get items and Macca.
3 End the battle quickly.

Recruit Demons

You can recruit demons with the same level as your character (or lower) to your party through negotiation. Bosses and demons inside Cache Cubes, however, cannot be asked to join you.

Get Items and Macca

Successful negotiation with demons also allows you to get items and Macca from them. Below is a list of items you can get from negotiation.

Target Demon Items
Apsaras Maragi Rock, Mazan Rock, Chakra Pot
Angel Maragi Rock, Jade Ball, Soma Droplet, Soma
Hua Po Mazan Rock, Chakra Droplet, Bead, Chakra Pot
Kodama Chakra Droplet, Revival Bead, Chakra Pot
Shikigami Mazan Rock, Jade Balls, Chakra Pots
Jack Frost Bead, Dis-Paralyze, Chakra Pot, Balm of Rising
Datsue-Ba Dotantama, Dis-Stun, Chakra Pot
High Pixie Makajama Rock, Tetraja Rock, Balm of Rising, Chakra Pot
Pixie Chakra Droplet, Revival Bead, Chakra Pot
Fomor Bead, Amethyst, Chakra Pot, Balm of Rising
Flauros Maragi Rock, Mazan Rock, Jade Ball
Lilim Magic Mirror, Chakra Droplet, Chakra Pot
Four Elementals Mahagio Stone, Megido Rock, Aquamarine, Opal
Other Demons Maragi Rock, Mazan Rock, Chakra Pot

Items Obtained form Stone Hunt

  • Mazan Rock
  • Amethyst
  • Aquamarine
  • Jade
  • Sapphire
  • Megido Rock

Gem Locations

Demon Negotiation Process

Defeat all demons except the one you want to negotiate with.

Demon negotiation is done one-one-one. Before proceeding with negotiations, make sure that the demon you want to talk to is alone to prevent other demons from interfering.

Demon Negotiation Options

1 The demon will ask for items or Macca.
2 The demon will ask to drain your HP.

Giving Items or Macca to Demons

Demons will sometimes ask for items or Macca when you negotiate with them. The higher the demon’s level, the higher the Macca they will ask for. Fulfilling the demon’s request up to four times results in them joining you or asking you a final question before they do.

Allowing Demons to Drain your HP

In certain cases, demons will ask to drain your HP during negotiation. Note that the amount of HP they will suck from you depends on their maximum HP. This means that you should consider how much health you have as the demon can kill you in the process if your HP is low.

Answering the Final Negotiation Question

Final Question Answers are Random

There is no fixed answer for a demon’s final question during negotiation. The answers constantly change even if you have encountered the question before.

Final Question Answers are Affected by Your Level

If the difference between your character’s level and the demon you are negotiating with is small, you can answer the final question honestly. The success of answering the question increases the higher your level compared to the demon.

When Does Negotiation Stop?

Demons may not respond to request for negotiations, be in a bad mood, or may be capricious and simply leave. Acquiring conversation support skills, however, lets you negotiate with demons longer for it to succeed.

Situations Where You Cannot Negotiate

1 When the demon is a boss or appears in fixed areas.
2 When you inflicted with Stone, Freeze, Bind, Sleep, or Panic.
3 When the demonic compendium is full.
4 When Kagutsuchi is at Full Moon phase.
5 When the demon is a Manikin.
6 When the demon is from the Tyrant, Vile, or Raptor race.
7 When the demon is a spirit/soul.

Types of Demon Conversations

1 “First-come-first-served” conversations.
2 “Begging for life” conversations.
3 “Pick-up” conversations.

 “First-come-first-served” Conversations

Sometimes, a demon may initiate the conversation with you on the first turn called a “First-come-first served” conversation. They will respond to your questions, give you items and money, and can easily be recruited to your party.

“Begging for life” Conversations

A demon will beg for its life when it is alone on the battlefield. You can then choose to kill it or hear it out. Choosing the latter lets you obtain items, money, information, and the chance to recruit the demon.

“Pick-up” Conversations

If you initiate a conversation with a demon while there are other enemies on the battlefield, you may be interrupted. The skills used in the previous successful negotiation are activated to negotiate.

Negotiation Between Demons

Certain Skills Allow Demons Allies to Negotiate with Other Demons

Certain skills such as Scout, Kidnap, and Beseech allow your demon allies to negotiate with other demons to recruit them. There are also skills that demons in your party can learn for acquiring items and Macca from fellow demons.

Executed and Support Conversation Skills

Executed conversation skills are those manually used during battle while support conversation skills take effect immediately as soon as conversations take place. The latter facilities the process and usually allow it to last longer.

Age, Gender, and Race affect Conversations

Your demon allies’ age, gender, and race affect the outcome of the conversations with demon enemies. Be sure to take this into account when trying to recruit demons of a specific race you encounter in dungeons.

Special Demon Conversations

Certain demon allies will have special conversation with other demons that they have ties to based on their lore or other reasons. Triggering these conversations allows you to obtain special items, including rare incenses, that can help you in the game.

Special Demon Conversations

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