[Grand Theft Auto V / GTA 5] Proximity Mines Guide

This page contains a guide on proximity mines. The page includes a short description and how to effectively use proximity mines in Grand Theft Auto V.

Proximity Mines Guide

A proximity mine is an explosive weapon that detonates if it detects movement from a certain area it covers. It is classified as a throwable weapon that can be unlocked after finishing Friends Reunited in Grand Theft Auto V. Proximity mines are usually planted on paths that are crossed often. Of course, it would be logical to place them in areas that can hide the mines but it would not be necessary against vehicles that travel at long speeds since they would most likely not even notice the planted proximity mine ahead of them.


A proximity mine is best used in terrains that are trekked most by individuals. Using a well-placed mine will result to great ambushes against unsuspecting enemies. Placing a proximity mine on a moving vehicle would trigger its detonation after a few seconds. If you want to quickly eliminate a vehicle, it’s best to use it while it’s still moving so you can detonate it from a distance away from yourself to avoid the damage caused by the explosion.

When a proximity mine is placed on a vehicle that is currently not moving, it will not detonate. The best play you can do here is to place a proximity mine on a vehicle that you predict your enemy would use. This will lead to arming the vehicle with explosives without your enemy noticing your placement of the said explosive.

Remember that a proximity mine will be triggered by any kind of movement. Choosing to double check your proximity mine will trigger it causing massive damage to yourself by your own explosive. So it’s best to avoid the mine which you previously have already set as it would most likely be already armed.

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