Divine Beast Vah Naboris Walkthrough [Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild]

The article contains the walkthrough for the Divine Beast Vah Naboris.

After speaking with Gerudo Chief Riju, she’ll recognize who you are. Even if you don’t hold the blade or if you haven’t found it yet, she’ll mention that it’s somewhere deep in the Lost Woods. The sword’s waiting for you. You might as well check it out when you can. Also, she’ll ask you for some help: to take out the Divine Beast Vah Naboris.

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Divine Beast Vah Naboris Walkthrough

You can’t seduce the Divine Beast Vah Naboris with your looks. You’re going to need a special item – the Thunder Helm.  Assassins from the Yiga Clan stole the helm long ago. But to enter the beast, you’re going to need that helm. Time to go steal it from the Yiga Clan then.

Speak to the Captain

Speak to the captain of the guard nearby the main throne room. However, even if you have the leader’s blessing, they still hate men. So keep your disguise on for now.

When you’re done with that, speak to the captain in the courtyard outside. Apparently, it was really the Yiga Clan that stole the helm. But you find out also that their hide out is in a place called Karusa Valley. Speak to the other soldiers and you’ll find out that their scout –Barta – hasn’t returned.

Karusa Valley

Ditch Gerudo Town and look for a Sand Seal. You can either rent one or sneak up one to move through the desert faster. They’re kind of like horses but you shield surf behind them as they swim through the sand. It makes travelling through the desert much more enjoyable.

Make your way directly North towards the mouth of the canyon. However, watch out for the Lightning Lizalfos lurking among the sands. There’s even some on the canyon walls. When you spot small spires of rock, you’ll know you’re in the right place.

Head into the canyon. But watch out for more Lizalfos clinging onto the rock spires as you continue on. It’s a bit of a trek up the uphill slope up the canyon. This is what the Sand Seal is meant for. However, watch out as the Yiga had set traps using large boulders that will squash you. Make sure you’re ready to dodge at anytime.

When you reach the high rock walls with odd Yiga statues, ditch your ride behind and climb up the ridge. Since things are much cooler here in the canyon, abandon the Gerudo disguise for better armor. As you start getting close to the hideout, a Yiga Archer will ambush you. Take him out by either closing the distance when the air turns red or snipe them back. They prefer warping around so they are rather tricky to take out.

When you reach the entrance, there are three attacking you at once. Use the statues as cover before smashing them down. However, watch out and don’t get caught in the open. They have unlimited arrows and can riddle you silly with it. After disposing the assassins, head inside.

Yiga Hideout

Upon entering, there’s a large dias with steps on all sides. The banners are displayed with a symbol of fire below them. Torches are everywhere with a Duplex Bow with lit braziers on all sides. Either use the torches or light an arrow using the fires to burn the banners for their secrets.

Start with the one to the right entrance. Open the chest to find a Sapphire. At the right of that, the tapestry reveals two Keese. And right of that is, more Keese. On the next tapestry to the right, there’s a chest with a Purple Rupee. When you finally get to the last one, there’s the true path. You can search the alcoves if you want for boxes of food, and more Keese.

Head up the true path up the stairs. There, you’ll find Barta of the Gerudo Guard. Speak to her in her cell and you’ll find out that the place is crawling with Yiga. In the fortress, there are also tough Blademasters who call for back-up if they spot you. If you want to prevent this, exploit their weakness: Bananas. If you throw one down on the road, they’ll check it out. With that, you can sneak by.

Grab some Mighty Bananas nearby before heading down the stairs. When the Blademaster heads around the large block, drop a banana on the path near the stairs. Wait for him to take the bait before moving on. Head down the stairs and another Blademaster stands in front of the way  out. Crouch behind the blocks and lay a banana out for him to sneak past. There’s also the long route to grab the chest holding a Sapphire. There’s also a banana high up on a post near him so you can break to distract him with.

Head up the stairs. On the path on the right, it’s crawling with Blademasters. Go up the ladder first to find a giant horde of Bananas. While up there, grab the chest holding a Topaz. Return to the room below before setting up distractions while you can. When you’re done, jump from the ledge above the high platform. Drop the bananas here to get a Ruby, Opal, and Amber in the corner if you’re careful enough.

If you quietly hop the stone fence near the Ruby, there’s another Blademaster circling a table. Distract him on the right so you can hug the wall. Head down the tall ladder going into the rafters which allows you to sneak above the scene below. Cross to the center to find a chest with a Silver Rupee before making for the far corner. There’s a Blademaster standing watch over a door. Climb over the archway to find a chest in an alcove with a Topaz. Then, look for a ladder on the other side to bypass the guard.

In this hall, there’s a small hole with spikes on all sides. You’ll need to glide through from the top of the ladder. Your reward lies on the other side – chests with two Gold Rupees! Don’t burn the banner though. It’s not useful; it just leads back to the main room. Instead, climb back up over the doorway and distract the guard below with a banana to get past him.

When you head into the next room, there’s a chest with more Bananas. There should be a couple of more lying around. Use the Magnesis Rune to search for clues. There’s three chest buried in the sand holding a Ruby and two Topaz. But more importantly, there’s a fake metal wall. Turn it and you’ll exit the hideout into a large open area. Once you enter, you’ll bump straight into the leader of the Yiga Clan – Master Khoga.

Boss Fight – Master Khoga

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As the master of the Yiga Clan, Khoga’s got a lot of tricks. To protect himself, he’ll create an invulnerable shield until he prepares to summon and throw rock spheres at you. Unfortunately, you can’t stop with stasis. But he does leave himself open while summoning. Stun him with an arrow before causing a boulder to drop on him and leave him open to attack. Keep doing that until he realizes he’s making an idiot of himself.

Next, he teleports to the middle of the room over a large pit. He’ll summon two spheres before slowly spinning in a circle before launching them at you. Stun him again but only when the sphere is over his head. That way, you can hit him on the way down. Stunning him this way will launch him towards you so you can punch his daylights out until he tries something new.

For the last phase, he has a large sphere with spikes. Apparently, he’ll have his own Magnesis to throw his sphere at you while still in the shield. But you can beat the crap out of him too. Use your own Magnesis and grab control of the spiked sphere from him. With that, high-five him in the face with it. Keep doing it until you win.

Returning with the Thunder Helm

After giving him a high-five to the face, a chest will appear containing the item you seek – the Thunder Helm! Warp out and head back into the hideout to grab anything you missed. The rest of clan’s gone and Barta ditched you. Head back to town and put your disguise on. Return to the Gerudo Chief and Buliara will direct you to the second floor to speak with Riju.

Suddenly, Link gets some of his memory back after seeing Riju with the Thunder Helm. After the memory passes, Riju asks you to help quell the Divine Beast. She asks that you meet her at the South Outpost out of town when ready. Also, start practicing with Sand Seals.

After  cooking some good food and making some electric resistant dishes and elixirs, head South from Gerudo Town to the outpost. Grab a Sand Seal if you want. Check the main floor of the tower to find a chest with a Golden Bow. Up at the top, meet Riju at the top of the tower. There, she’ll tell you the plan: use a Sand Seal to get close to Vah Naboris and attack its feet with Bomb Arrows. The Divine Beast also summons giant lightning strikes. But don’t worry, Riju’s Thunder Helm protects you as long as you remain close to her. She’ll give you 20 Bomb Arrows. And then, you head off to battle.

Attacking Divine Beast Vah Naboris

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Riju activates the Helm’s Power to create a giant field that’s important to stay within. Head closer to the Divine Beast before noticing it charging up for a laser strike. As your ace along, you’ll see a purple circle around Link slowly close in. When it fully closes around him, the lightning blast strikes. It’ll fry you if you don’t stay within the protective area.

Don’t be an idiot. Don’t rush off. Slow down to follow her lead. When she gets close enough, wait for the next lightning strike. Once it hits, move close to attack the purple glowing feet. You only need to get four shots off and with 20 or more Bomb Arrows, you have enough load. Make sure you stay in the field as you only have a few seconds before it blasts you.

After all four legs are damaged, Vah Naboris crashes. This gives you a chance to board the beast and now you have to appease it from within.

Dungeon – Divine Beast Vah Naboris

Once inside Vah Naboris, Urbosa shows up. Apparently, Vah Naboris is still under control of Ganon’s control. First things first, grab the map of the place and the Guidance Stone in the belly of the beast.

From the underside of Vah Naboris, take out the Guardian Scout armed with a spear before moving up the ramp. Ganon’s Malice blocks the path inside so look for an eye to the right and kill it to remove the annoying goop. Inside, note the large electric pylon in the middle of the room. Make your way to the back right wall where a slope along the wall leads up and into the room with the Guidance Stone. There’s an exit along the bottom leading to a chest hanging from a rope. Use Stasis on the chest, shoot the rope then, use Magnesis to bring it in before it drops to get an Ancient Core.

With the map active, now you can rotate the parts of the large cylindrical room inside Vah Naboris. This allows you to move around and open up new areas. Align the electrical wires to power up certain area. First, look around the centre of the room above the pylon. There’s a platform high up with a chest on either side covered in Malice. Rotate this part of the room until you see and kill the eye. Rotate it on the other sections to ridge them up so that fall onto the platform as it moves up the sides to open both chests for a Knight’s Bow and an Ancient Shaft.

First terminal is in the central room. But it’s encased in a large block that only has a hole in the floor. Witht hat knowledge, look along the same section for a small platform under a large open circle. Ride the small platform up until it opens up to a door. Enter and then rotate the cylinder until the box with the terminal appears. Hop in and take it to the ceiling so you can use the terminal.

Rotate the cylinder again until you get back to the doorway.  Head out onto the balcony to fight another Guardian Scout. You’ll spot another door back in from here. But make sure that the middle cylinder aligns to form a platform to the other side. Now, you can explore the opposite balcony to find a path to a door where a chest has 5 Bomb Arrows. When you’re done with that, there’s a path with a Guardian Scout. Kill it before bombing the wall to open back up into the cylinder room.

If you get the second terminal in this room, rotate the back cylinder until you can create a platform. From the door you open, there’s a sealed metal door in the middle. From the middle door, rotateit agai until a path to a breakable wall appears on the far side. Smash it to find a chest holding an Ancient Spring. The terminal here is only right-side up on the top of the room. If you’re going to get it, rotate both this and the centre cylinder to connect the green wires. This causes the wall to start spinning. Wait for a ledge to roll along. That way, you can ride it up to the top.

For the third terminal, make your way to the head. While the wall’s still spinning, there’s a long pathway with the bottom door you came through. There’s also a top door that can open up, and one in the middle. If you want the middle door, wait at the bottom until you can run up the slope. Hop into the rotating corridor full of spikes and Malice. Oh yeah, watch out for the rotating lasers. So, make a dash for the end where there’s a chest to grab a Knight’s Shield. However, rotate the cylinder to breakt he green line and kill the rotation.

When you leave the middle corridor, wait at the archway of the rotating wall. You need to have it send you up to the top. Run through the doorway when it’s open. When you do so, you’ll find yourself on the outside on top of the neck of the beast. There, you’ll spot some green wires you powered up to rotate the wall. They’ll now lead you to a large crank that you need to push. Push it one way will rotate it to one side. But pushing it to the other side will rotate it to the other side. Push both ways until both switches are aligned. This turns the wires blue to power up the neck. Vah Naboris will raise its neck up into the air and form an elevator up the head. Take the elevator to lead up to the next terminal.

For the next two terminals, they’re located in the above sections. So you need to get higher. Return to the wall with the Guidance Stone before looking for a slope or platform to stand on. This way, you can rotate the cylinder to reach the top exit. Up there, you’ll spot some orange wires and metal slabs near the exit. Rotate the cylinders so they align the green wire at the top to power it up. When you’re done, use Magensis to slide the top two metal slabs towards he green w ire near the entrance. Then, slide the two bottom  wires in the other direction. This causes the tail to lift up. Sprint behind a block to ride it up which creates a platform to a door with a Malice blocking it. There, you’ll also find an eye to shoot.

However, there’s also another chest. If you go all the way to the end of the tail, there’s a chest there down below. Before you activate the electric rail, fall down a series of ledges and grab the chest containing the  an Ancient Gear.

When inside, an elevator will now head down to a lower level. Unfortunately, Malice blocks a door along with a maw spitting skull. But luckily, there’s an eye located in here on the right. Head to the upper platform and shoot another eye to clear up a doorway here. There’s an electric switch that stands but there’s a gap from the wires around the elevator. Climb up the ladder where you can see a large crank. Push it to align the floor below to connect wires with the switch. This activates a moving platform in the next hall leading to the next hump. Inside, shoot the eye under the Malice to clear the mess leading to the fourth terminal.

On the hump, take the elevator up. Check back towards the previous hump to jump across using the top of the moving platform. That way, you can reach a chest. Unfortunately, it’s surrounded with Malice. Get rid of the Malice first before grabbing the Topaz in the chest. Back in the terminal room, take the elevator down. Shoot the eye in the corner to clear out the malice before heading into the centre room where two Guardian Scouts will ambush you. When you clear them out, there are two pedestals that need power to open the gate to the last terminal. One electrical ball is found in the first hump room between the floors on the ledge. The other is in the opposite hump room. It’s on the top floor that the elevator goes to. Place both to unlock the fifth and final terminal.

Head back to the main cylinder room to find the main control unit. Rotate the middle cylinder until you can reach it. With that, head in to put Ganon out of his misery.

Boss Fight – Thunderblight Ganon

Main Article: Thunderblight Ganon Boss Guide

Unfortunately, Thunderblight Ganon can annoy you. Why? It’s pretty much “in your face” half the time. When it’s not lobbing a ball of electric energy at you, it’ll teleport rapidly around. Then, it’s going to show up in your face before punching your daylights out. Time your dodges carefully then either attack its shield to break it or perform the perfect dodge to follow up with a flurry attack.

Shatter its shield to stun it briefly. Then, follow up with hits before knocking it to the ground. When it gets up, it’ll take some time to regenerate its shield. But this gives you time to fire some shots in its face before it blocks again.

When it hits half, things will get messier. Use those electric resistant meals and elixirs if you can. Thunderblight Ganon enchants its axe with electricity before becoming more aggressive in its dashing attacks. It’ll move in to swing multiple times. You either perfectly dodge or stay protected. Otherwise, you’ll be paralyzed and you’ll drop your weapons.

He drops metal spikes onto the ground to chain lightning off them. When he does this, use Magnesis to lift a spike to him so it shocks him instead. Fight carefully before using fast weapons if you can to trade hits or break his shield. Or, you can wait until he runs out of electric charge to briefly shoot him down. Otherwise, keep dodging out and away from his attacks.

As his health drops, he’ll use his eye to stun you. But he’ll hide behind his shield. If he’s still charged up, hide behind the platforms until the blast finishes. If he’s not charged up, rush him, break his shield, and his concentration.

When Thunderblight Ganon falls to you, the Divine Beast Vah Naboris is freed. Along with it, is Urbosa’s Spirit. Claim the Heart Container and speak with Urbosa to grab Urbosa’s Fury. It’s a lightning strike attack that’s powerful and useful.

Returning to Gerudo Town

When you head back to Gerudo Town, you still have to wear a disguise. Hero or not, you’re still a dude. Slip on the disguise to see chief Riju. She’ll thank you for calming Vah Naboris before granting you two treasures from Lady Urbosa herself – the Daybreaker Shield and Scimitar of the Seven. If anything goes wrong, have Buliara fix them for you.

But if you really like that Thunder Helm, you can borrow it. That is, if you help out everyone in town first.

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