The Great Plateau Tower Walkthrough [The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild]

This section contains a walkthrough for the next location, The Great Plateau Tower in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. This portion introduces you to the Resurrection Towers and their purpose on Link’s journey.

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Walkthrough: The Great Plateau Tower

Understanding the Towers

Check the map and locate the yellow marker which is at the northeast area of the Great Plateau. Have the weapons ready as there will be new variants of the Bokoblin that will ambush you on your way.

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You need to get to the rocky ruins. By the time you reach it, there is a nearby pedestal for you to place your Sheikah Slate to trigger a cutscene.

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Towers have a variety of functions once accessed. By examining a tower, it will give display some intel on regional map of the area where your coordinates are. In other words, you will obtain more information on your current position, in this case the Great Plateau. Apart from this function, towers also act as fast travel points, this allows you to hop from one point in Hyrulian Kingdom to another easily. Towers provide Link with a good grasp of the overworld, allowing him to set significant markers to plan ahead.

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If Link looks through the distance, the mysterious voice will reveal more of the Mission.

Head down the tower, you could do this by either descending down the sides or jumping down the platforms. By the time you get to the ground, the Old Man will be there to speak to you.

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