The Thunder Helm Side Quest Walkthrough [The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild]

The Thunder Helm

In order to get the Thunder Helm, you must first finish the Divine Beast Vah Naboris main quest, then interact with the helm found next to Riju inside her mansion. She will give the helm once you finished the following side quests:

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U need to sneak into the hideout to get the thunder helm

Make sure you completed all 4 quests. Open your quest log and scroll through the completed quests to be certain.

it doesn’t work

Ok but they said I need the Thunder Helm to access Divine Beast Vah Naboris??? But I can’t bet the helm until I finish the quest to claim DBVN??? WTF??

How to get the to costume the horses

I did all 4 side quests but riju wouldn’t give the helm to me

You just have to talk to Rihu after you finish all the quests


Dis is awesome

I done the four quest and then I talked to Riju and she gave me the helm. I couldn’t get the thing and didn’t understand why, because I kept trying to just take it from the pedestal.

Theres one dealing with a shrine. A Gerudo woman needing a drink.

Do the gift of nightshade quest and you will get the helm

Same. I did those quests and no helm.

Same here… I’m working on the other side missions in the area at the bazaar and stable. Hopefully that will get the helm unlocked!

I did all these said quests and she still won’t give me the helm ?

Talk to the women beside her u need 2 get the items that she has to give beacuse link lost them somehow 😛