Zora’s Domain Walkthrough [The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild]

Reaching Zora’s Domain is one of the main requirements in order to finish the main quest Free the Divine Beasts. If you want to accomplish the said main quest, go first to Zora’s Domain before the other locations as this one is relatively easier to complete than the other areas.

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Walkthrough: Zora’s Domain

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The Zora Prince

Once you get to the bridge, a prince named Sidon will talk to you. Climbing to Zora’s Domain won’t work because of the rain, so you have to head to the path where there are monsters in the area. Sidon will also give you an Electro Elixir so you can survive encounter with enemies who uses electric attacks.

After talking to Sidon, head towards the road full of monsters. The road will sometimes wind up along the river, so watch out for Octoroks that will ambush you from a distance. There will also be Lizalfos hiding around the area, so be wary of your surroundings. Once you go further up the path, you will have to cross the river by jumping on large rock slabs. There will be Octoroks that will distract you from crossing the bridge, so either shoot them back or use your shield to deflect their attacks.

Oren Bridge

As you head up a long sloping path, Sidon will appear to talk to you again. After talking to him, keep moving up the road. Be wary of enemies at the end of the long slope that will push boulder along the path. Avoid the boulders then defeat the Lizalfos at the top. After walking straight ahead, you will be lead into a rock canyon, so climb out of the continue then move forward.

On the road up ahead, their will be Lizalfos archers shooting you with shock arrows. These arrows can paralyze Link and may even cause his death in an instant. So before going further, drink the Electro Elixir or shoot them back. You can also sneak around them for you to also get Shock arrows from them.

After dealing with the Lizalfos, Sidon will talk to you after the next clearing. On the next path, there will be a small canyon filled with Electric Keese. Attack them with spear or shoot them with arrows. After defeating the Electric Keese, deal with the Lizalfos waiting at the end of the small canyon.

Once you defeated the Lizalfos, you will eventually come across the Oren Bridge. Sidon will appear again to talk to you about the enemies waiting ahead. Go up the long slope and void the boulders going down the path. After going up the slope, enter the canyon in the area. Crawl under the large boulder located there to move forward.

Ruto Mountain

After crawling through the boulder, watch out for the Lizalfos waiting to ambush you as you go further down the path. At the end of the path, there will be a large Ruto Bridge. Sidon will call you below and will warn you about an incoming ambush. Use a bow to shoot the Moblin before it gets closer to you.

After defeating the Moblin, take the next path ahead and be ready to face a Lightning Wizzrobe. This enemy is very agile and can shoot bolts of lightning using the Lightning Rod. It can also summon Electric Keese to fight you. However, it’s strongest attack will commence once it starts dancing to summon a lightning storm. This storm can hit every metal object around the area, which also includes you weapons and armor which is very alarming. If it starts summon the storm, change your equipment immediately to a wooden one so it won’t be affected by the electricity. After the storm dissipates, change it back to your main weapon then keep on striking the enemy until it is defeated.

Once you defeat the Lightning Wizzrobe, loot it for items and materials. There will also be a new path that will start sloping down. You can either shield slide or paraglide to get past the two Moblins and immediately enter Zora’s Domain.

Zora’s Domain

Once reaching Zora’s Domain, head to the top floor if you want to continue the main quest. Talk to King Zora and Prince Sidon once you reach the throne room. King Zora will give you the Zora Armor, which helps you swim faster and swim up waterfalls. This concludes the walkthrough on how to reach Zora’s Domain in Breath of the Wild.

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