A Gift for My Beloved Side Quest Walkthrough [The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild]

A Gift for My Beloved

To start the A Gift for My Beloved side quest, talk to a man named Manny who is usually found in between the dye shop and the inn in Hateno Village. After talking to him, walk behind the counter of the inn then ask the girl named Prima what she likes. Speak to Manny again and now you will need to find 10 restless crickets.

Th fastest way to catch 10 crickets is to go to a field with tall grass, like those found to the northwest of Hateno Village. Equip a two-handed sword and hold the Y button to make a charge attack. This charge attack will cut the tall grass nearby, then press the B button to cancel the attack before you run out of stamina then catch the crickets running away.

Go back and speak to Manny after you collected 10 restless crickets and he will give you a silver Rupee.

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This was really helpful


The quest ends when you give the 10 crickets to Manny, don’t worry about the remaining 90.


You have to go behind the counter and talk to, Prima. The side quest should update after talking to her.


But what about the other 90 crickets? I caught 90 more and there’s no dialog to give them to manny


Make sure you walk around the counter to talk to Prima. Drove me nuts.


Omg thanks lol


Thanks your a legend


I am having the same problem, I do not know what to do with the remaining 90. I talk to Prima behind the desk. Nothing. Manny says nothing new. Even waited a red moon cycle.


You weren’t supposed to do that man


You can make a shit ton of stamina elixirs with 1 cricket and 4 monster horns. Run, climb, swim, tame for days.