Lanayru Region Shrines List [The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild]


This page contains all the shrines that you can find around the Lanayru region. Click the name of each shrine for a full walkthrough on how to finish it.

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Lanayru Region Shrines

Shrine Rune Ability Trial Sheikah Monk Location
Sheh Rata Shrine Sheh Rata Head to the NW side of the Lanaryu Region. At the West of the Lanaryu Tower, check the river past the Thims Bridge. It empties into a swampy region, located on a small island full of brambles. If you want to get inside the shrine, ignite the brambles with fire.
Daka Tuss Shrine Daka Tuss Daka Tuss Shrine is  near the Lanaryu Tower. Head to the SW marsh area of Lanaryu. Check past Lanaryu Tower on Shrine island. Sometimes, several Lizalfos and a Guardian Scout patrol the area.
Soh Kofi Shrine Soh Kofi When searching for this shrine, head north of Lanaryu Tower.From there, look above the blue ridge where you first meet Prince Sidon of Zora. After that, another Zora waits outside to point you in his direction.
Ne’ez Yohma Shrine Ne’ez Yohma If you want this shrine, it’s located in the heart of Zora’s Domain. Head below the Throne Room and search behind the statue of Mipha.
Rucco Maag Shrine Rucco Maag South of the Zora’s Domain. Either go through the barbs or fly over the barbs surrounding it.
Shai Yota Shrine Shai Yota It’s in Horon Lagoon, southeast from Zora’s Domain.
Dagah Keek Shrine Dagah Keek Southwest of Zora’s Domain. It’s initially buried underground.
Kaya Wan Shrine Kaya Wan Eastern edge of Central Hyrule, found just North of Wetland Stable.
Kah Mael Shrine Kah Mael If you’re looking for this shrine, it’s at Tingel Island.

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