Memories Walkthrough [The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild]

This section provides a summary of the optional Quest – Memories in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It enumerates the memory numbers and provides directions for their respective locations.

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Walkthrough: Memories

By accessing the Sheikah Slate Album, Link gains some information regarding the 12 documented ‘Photographs.’ According to Impa, these are important relics and enable Link to obtain Memories. The Memories are sequences activated by finding certain areas. Look around the Kingdom to find the areas where the photographs were taken.

As you obtain a memory, report back to Impa to obtain the Champion’s Tunic Armor. Apart from defenses, this ancient Armor grants Link the ability to see through his enemy’s hit points.

First Memory: Subdued Ceremony

Where to Obtain Sacred Grounds
Central Hyrule

Head to the Central Hyrule Castle’s South Exit, to arrive at the Sacred Ground Ruins. This area houses a Guardian that secures the dais where a moat wraps around it. Execute stealth and move with haste as you appraoch the center then locate the memory site for a cutscene.

Second Memory: Revali’s Flap

Where to Obtain Rito Village

Received from the Main Quest Divine Beast Vah Medoh, converse with the Rito Village Elder first then head over to the adjacent building and talk to Temba’s wife for a cutscene.

Third Memory: Resolve and Grief

Where to Obtain Lake Kolomo
Central Hyrule

Set in Central Hyrule’s lakeside near Great Plateau. Warp to the Plateau Tower then glide down as you approach North, then move through the West of the stream until you reach a protruding ridge. With the area devoid of enemies, reaching the memory location is fairly easier.

Fourth Memory: Daruk’s Mettle

Where to Obtain Goron City

A memory tied with the Main Quest Divine Beast Vah Rudania, interact with Village head Bludo to trigger a cutscene.

Fifth Memory: Zelda’s Resentment

Where to Obtain Ancient Columns

Found at the other side of Tabantha Great Bridge, cross the bridge then ascend the ridge by the South side. Contrary to the Third Memory, this area contains a group of Moblins. Keep advancing to find Shrine Tena Ko’sah, the memory unveils just in front of it.

Sixth Memory: Urbosa’s Hand

Where to Obtain Gerudo Town
Gerudo Desert

Received during the Divine Beast Vah Naboris Main Quest, this memory can be unlocked after intruding the town and finishing the dialogue with the Village chieftain Riju and returning the missing Thunder Helm.

Seventh Memory: Blades of the Yiga

Where to Obtain Kara Kara Bazaar
Gerudo Desert

Make a pit stop at Bazaar, then inspect by the water’s edge at the oasis.

Eight Memory: A Premonition

Where to Obtain Eldin Canyon

Examine West of Lake Goronbi, then ascend the hill’s apex. Blaze through a pack of Lizalfos, to arrive on a plateau surrounded by rubble. Check the front of the rubble to trigger the memory.

Ninth Memory: Silent Princess

Where to Obtain Irch Plain
Hyrule Ridge

This memory stands by the Ridgeland Tower’s Northeast side. Head past Royal Ancient Lab Ruins to find a big tree towering over the bodies of water. Approach the tree from its facade to trigger the memory.

Tenth Memory: Mipha’s Touch

Where to Obtain Zora’s Domain

Executed from the Main Quest Divine Beast Vah Ruta, it requires that you interact with the Zora King then descend to speak to Muzu.

Eleventh Memory: Shelter from the Storm

Where to Obtain West Necluda
Dueling Peaks

The memory is close to the Northern End of the lake, by the East area. Inspect the area lying along a small mountain are two small monuments tucked below a big tree.

Twelfth Memory: Father and Daughter

Where to Obtain Hyrule Castle
Central Hyrule

Proceed to Hyrule Castle from west end, watch for the skyscraper, it should be lying ahead of the gatehouses atop the platform adjacent to the Castle.

By sneaking past the Guardians on the ground leaves you with only the soaring Guardian to be wary of. Make haste for the path in the middle of the the towering skyscraper and the room in ruins.

Thirteenth Memory: Slumbering Power

Where to Obtain Spring of Power

Found in the middle of Deep Akkala and the Highlands, follow the Northern Valley’s south path. Inspect the body of water and you will eventually discover it by the water’s edge.

Fourteenth Memory: To Mount Lanayru

Where to Obtain Sanidin Park Ruins
Hyrule Ridge

The Ruins lies on Satori Mountains East path, it is resting at the large mountain peak. Check around the statue to find the memory.

Fifteenth Memory: Return of Calamity Ganon

Where to Obtain Lanayru Road
East Gate, Necluda

Exit Kakariko Village through the mountains, then follow the trail which passes through the Great Fairy Fountain to eventually encounter a road on the right side. Keep going down the path, eventually it directs you along a trail nestled with Bokoblins and a Moblin securing the East. Inspect the huge archway to locate the memory.

Sixteenth Memory: Despair

Where to Obtain Hyrule Field
Central Hyrule

Found in a forest, take off from the Bottomless Swamp approaching North then descend the mountain. Move past the river through the Wetland Stable. As you arrive in an open field, investigate the surroundings to trigger the memory.

Seventeenth Memory: Zelda’s Awakening

Where to Obtain Fort Hateno
Dueling Peaks

Initially not recorded in the Sheikah Slate album, Link must find all the preceding Memories to unlock it. Trek to Fort Hateno which is near Kakariko Village. Check by the huge huge battlefield landscape.

Eighteenth Memory: The Master Sword

Where to Obtain Korok Town
Great Hyrule Forest

A memory without any record, it is found after successfully drawing the Master Sword from its container.

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