Hebra Region Shrines List [The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild]

This page contains all the shrines that you can find around the Hebra region

This page contains all the shrines that you can find around the Hebra region. Click the name of each shrine for a full walkthrough on how to finish it.

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Hebra Region Shrines

Shrine Rune Ability Trial Sheikah Monk Location
Hia Miu Shrine Hia Miu Far northwest corner of the map, base of Icefall Foothills.
Qaza Tokki Shrine Qaza Tokki North of Lomei Labyrinth to the northeast of Tabantha Snowfield.
Mozo Shenno Shrine Mozo Shenno The shine is in a small cave hidden at the top of Biron Snowshelf. It’s right under the eastern edge of the plateau. If you speak to Molli, a young Rito found close to Harth during the day at Rito Village, it puts you right on track to speak to her.
Shada Naw Shrine Shada Naw Few steps north of Selmie’s Spot.
Sha Gehma Shrine Sha Gehma When you’re moving far north, you’ll find the shrine at the far north of Tabantha Field.
Goma Asaagh Shrine Goma Asaagh If you’re looking for this cave then, check the small cave at the foot of Hebra Peak. It’s behind large blocks of ice.
To Quomo Shrine To Quomo When you enter Hebra North Summit, it’s the heart of a cave.
Rok Uwog Shrine Rok Uwog Head north of Hebra Tower and you’ll find it at the north end of Pikida Stonegrove.
Maka Rah Shrine Maka Rah When you’re looking for this shrine, you’ll find it hidden inside a cave. If you’re at Lake Kilsie, you’ll find it halfway the western side of the lake. It’s also northwest of Rito Village.
Rin Oyaa Shrine Rin Oyaa This shrine lies north east of the Hebra Tower. If you take a few steps away from the Snowfield Stable, you’ll find it under a rock.
Lanno Kooh Shrine Lanno Kooh Head directly west of Hebra Tower just north of the eastern tip of Hebra Plunge.
Dunba Taag Shrine Dunba Taag Head southwest of the Hebra Tower. At the bottom of Tanagar Canyon, in the canyon’s bend directly south of Tama Pond.
Gee Ha’rah Shrine Gee Ha’rah It’s a shrine hidden northwest of Hebra Tower. If you need a landmark, it’s just south of Kopeeki Drifts.

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