Elixirs List [The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild]

Elixirs in Breath of the Wild

An elixir is an item that Link can craft and consume in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Drinking elixirs will give Link status buffs like having extra hearts, extra stamina, attack buffs, heat resistance, etc.

You can create an elixir by cooking resources that you can get from small animals and monster parts.

Here is a list of all elixirs in the game as well as the ingredients that you need in order to create each one of them:

Name Ingredients Effect
Hearty Elixir Monster part + hearty animal Extra Hearts
Energizing Elixir Monster part + energizing animal Restore Stamina
Enduring Elixir Monster part + enduring animal Extra Stamina
Fireproof Elixir Monster part + fireproof animal Flame Guard
Chilly Elixir Monster part + chilly animal Heat Resistance
Spicy Elixir Monster part + spicy animal Cold Resistance
Electro Elixir Monster part + electro animal Electric Resistance
Hasty Elixir Monster part + hasty animal Movement Speed Up
Sneaky Elixir Monster part + sneaky animal Stealth Up
Mighty Elixir Monster part + mighty animal Attack Up
Tough Elixir Monster part + tough animal Defense Up

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At best these “recipes” are incredibly ambiguous and not at all helpful, at worst these are in fact WRONG!