Mini-Game: Super Gut Check Challenge [The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild]

Mini-Game: Super Gut Check Challenge

To participate in the Mini-Game Super Gut Check Challenge, you need to finish the Shrine Quest “Gut Check Challenge.” By completing the Mini-Game, you not only get to keep the accumulated 300 rupees but also receive an additional Endura Shroom.

Prerequisite Gut Check Challenge

Head to Gorae Torr Shrine found North of Death Mountain then talk to Bayge. The Mini-Game requires you to pay an entry fee of 100 rupees.

It follows a similar method to Gut Check Challenge, your objective is to ascend to the summit within the time limit while stockpiling on rupees along the way. To maximize your chances of winning, it is recommended to have the Stamina Wheel maxed out. With this much endurance, you can perform several jumps to shave off more time as you climb. In terms of equipment, wearing ones that promote climbing speed will also bolster your performance.

The path to undertake is the one which rewards the most rupees. Oftentimes you would want to avoid going out of your way just to collect a Green Rupee. As a matter of fact, only approach them when these are directly positioned along the path. It is best to go after Red and Silver Rupees as you scale upwards. By reaching the summit with at least 300 rupees, you get to keep the money and receive an Endura Shroom.

Southwest Cliff

The direct route to complete this Mini-Game is to ascend the cliff found at the Southwest. As you arrive at the first forked path marked by 2 blue rupees, make a left. Keep going along the vertical path, picking up the 2 Silver Rupees lying directly in front as you go. As you pass by the second, make a right turn to find a third Silver Rupee, your accumulated Rupees should be more than 300 by now. With the first condition already met, proceed to the finish line.

Alternative Path

When the Mini-Game begins, scale diagonally going left to follow some Green Rupees lined up. This trail terminates to a Gold Rupee concealed at the cliff’s North side. Without jumping and an already maxed out Stamina Wheel, you can reach this section. Additional climbing boosts from Armors allows you to get there safely. As you claim the Gold Rupee, take a pit stop by the protruding beam which is stationed slightly to your left, then keep going to conclude this assignment.

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